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There are no recent buyer requests?

Hi, all!

If I go to the recent buyer requests page there is just one request and nothing more, sometimes there are 3 and sometimes there is just nothing. Very strange.

I’m desperately looking for specific buyer requests (album cover art) because I want to make my first sale. My gig is all set up and I’m ready to do this, but if there is nothing out there… I’m just wasting my time.

Last week I’ve already sent 3 offers to some buyer requests but didn’t have any answer. The offers I send those people still are visible, though.

I hope i can start selling my service soon!
Anyone else who has this problem?


Hey Nick!
I have been on fiverr for almost 2 weeks and have not had a gig at all! The promise of money sounded great but geez it does not seem to deliver on the promise. I would think there would be more buyers out there but who knows…

Hi Nick, don´t give up too soon, some people get orders right away, some need a few weeks or even months, but if you invested time already anyway, and as it doesn´t cost you anything to leave your gig up, give it more time.
Just make sure to always have an email linked that you really check, there are people who miss their first order because they forget about their Fiverr account.

People get orders not only through Buyer Requests, but also from Buyers directly searching for gigs or by promoting their gig on social media. There´s lots of suggestions and advice on the forum and in Fiverr’s own articles in the Academy and on the Blog on how to improve gig performance, maybe also try with a few more gigs for things you could offer, so you´ll see more Buyer Requests and have more exposure, the more gigs you have up, the more potential buyers can find one of them when browsing or using search.