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There are some **SCAMMERS** in Fiverr

There are some SCAMMERS in Fiverr.They may be a buyer or a seller.Although they are sellers they place orders to other sellers and say to cancle the order after the delivery or blackmail to give bad reviews.Because of these type of scammer Fiverr is going down.I`m in a same trap.HELP ME PLEASE.Want suggestion, please…

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Will they help me?:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Calling out Buyers/Sellers on the Forum is against the rules.

  1. Edit your post.

  2. A Mod will see this post and clean it up for you.

  3. Submit a :envelope_with_arrow: ticket to Customer Support if you’re having issues.


Thanks a lot, ma`am.Thanksss

im facing the same issue help me please