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There are still some good people left

Just saying.


left where

Sorry, I think you’re mistaking people with dogs. Did you mean dogs? If not, are you feeling okay?



Dogs? Where? Where? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are lots of good dogs left :slight_smile: Mines asleep on the sofa right now restoring my faith in the world simply by being.

You got that right. I´m glad you have a dog.

Hey, I consider myself a good person! So yes there are still some good people left.
I also have a dog… 3 in fact… Just in case :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few good people, fewer bad people, but mostly selfish and self-centered people.

I consider myself as a good person too (I am not saying I am perfectly good though). At least I never try to hurt nor cheat anyone and I help dogs/cats sometimes. I help people too once in a while (rarely) for those who need it and deserve it. Honestly, I am never picky when it comes to helping dogs/cats, but when it comes to helping people I am very picky. You can´t trust people just like that. Many times when you are kind and nice, people will take you for granted and will use you. I don´t want that.

Hahaha! ˝…I also have a dog…. 3 in fact…. Just in case¨ luv it! As if you wanna make sure that in your life time you will always have a dog on your side, which I totally get it if that´s the case :slight_smile:

Selfish and self-centered people can be bad or good or so so. When it comes to certain level that their selfishness and self-centeredness hurt others, that´s when they become bad people. Selfishness at decent level is needed to protect ourselves from people who have a bad intention and want to use us. While self-centered if it´s only at the level where they post too many selfies on their social media account, that´s fine, I mean people can just scroll pass that if they don´t like it. Just IMO :slight_smile:

BTW, I agree though that there are more good people than the bad ones. When I look back and remember the people I have known/met throughout my life up until now, people that I met here and abroad are mostly good. Especially those who live in remote areas, they are usually still pure and more sincere.

There are good people. Lots of them. However, I must add that one of my cats saw me frustrated today and immediately hopped up, bumped her nose into mine with a loud purr, and then went to relax in a sunbeam. She didn’t want anything in return. It was just a kitty kiss to remind me we were OK. So, on rougher days I prefer cat/dog/horse company to people. :slight_smile:

Selfish and self-centered people - which I think a vast majority of people around the world are - are neither good not bad. They are just as they are. I’m probably one of them too, in a lot of ways.

Modern life, culture, the media, corporate sector, marketing, advertising, Hollywood etc. encourages selfishness in people.

@fonthaunt I love those animals too :slight_smile: I hope you feel better now, thanks to your hilarious cat :slight_smile:

@writer99025 Selfish people can be very bad when they are over selfish. For instance, a woman who managed to get herself pregnant even when the man is not ready, just to ˝milk˝ the man´s money. I knew at least one girl when I was in SouthEast Asia. The girl got pregnant from her boyfriend who is more than 25 years old older than her. The man is from another country (a western country). The man felt responsible so he stayed with the girl for the kid, and he was still in love with the girl as well. But all the girl/young woman did was spending his money on very expensive things, go clubbing with her friends. The kid is taken care by a baby sitter. Not only that, she has cheated on him. This girl´s selfishness is over the limit, that she doesn´t care when the man is sick. I think she is very selfish and her over selfishness has made her a bad person. She only cares about her happiness and she doesn´t care when she is hurting others. Of course she will not beat up people or anything like that, but I consider her as a bad person.

LOL…I know…that’s why I don’t date girls in India :slight_smile:

Was this Thailand by any chance? I wrote a book about exactly this kind of situation. If you are in touch with your friend, I’d recommend that you tell him to try and find a way to leave with his kid in tow at his earliest convenience. This happened to a Dutch friend I have who is so paranoid about his ‘wife’ selling their house and moving away with his son that if he is ever gone for more than a few days, he has to get his parents to fly over and babysit his family. There is a lot of sin, heartache and even death which revolves around the Westerners travelling to Thailand and supposedly finding the girl of their dreams, and it’s cycle which almost always ends in disaster.