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There are still some good people left


@writer99025 LOL, there are selfish people everywhere, even in my country at different levelz of selfishness. I can be selfish too sometimes when I want to protect myself from being manipulated/used/exploited by other people.

I am also selfish when it comes to food, I don´t like sharing my food while I am eating. I don´t like when people ask for my food when I´m eating. If they really want it I would rather buy/make it for them a new portion if they don´t have money or if they can´t make the food.


@Cyaxrex No, it was in Bali (but the girl is not Balinese - she is an Asian but not Balinese). The man is an American. The girl was at her early 20s and the man was already over 50 years old. His friends had advised him to leave the girl, but he stayed for the kid. I don´t know what happened to them after. I haven´t been in touch with my friend (the man) for a few years now. I really feel sorry for the man. He is a very nice and good person in general. Everyone who knows him consider him as a nice/good person and all waiters consider him very generous (he gives good tips). He is too good maybe, I don´t know.


@writer99025 You date girls from where


My question is Are there still some good buyers left? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t date any…in India, if you date a girl, you are supposed to marry her - if you ditch her, she can set the police on you for a number of reasons…the law in India is anti-men. I know women have been discriminated by the Indian society for centuries, but to make up for that over eager politicians have set up laws that some women take advantage of. For example, a vast majority of educated men in India who are in prison are there on charges of asking for a dowry. If a man is not satisfied with his marriage and wants a divorce, his wife will threaten to file a dowry complaint against him and send him to jail…not just him, his aged mom and dad too. I have seen this happen to an uncle of mine. My aunt didn’t want his mother to stay with them, so threatened to file a dowry complaint. He is always under stress because of her. ALso, if a woman divorces you in India, for any reason, she has a right over not just to half of her husband’s property, but also her husband’s parents’ property. So, I have decided to stay safe and take myself out of the system.


I tend to think the good people get swallowed up by the slithering mass of idiocy that is 99% of humanity. It’s not their fault that they’re the way they are; they’ve been molded by a system that views them as nothing more than ant-like drones, useful for profit in life and death. Combine that with a sense of entitlement, idleness and… gah.

I am too old for Youth Hostels. Kids these days…


Ditto. Sometimes I feel too old too for some things :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if I know the right answer as my one and only buyer was very nice. But I believe there are still good buyers, otherwise all sellers would have stopped selling :slight_smile:


“A woman who managed to get herself pregnant even when the man is not ready”? It takes two to make a baby, and there’s birth control to prevent making of unwanted babies.

I’m not saying that having a baby just so she can spend someone’s money is right, what I’m saying is that a woman can’t become pregnant on her own.


She lied to him. She did not take the birth control pill yet she told him she did. For a while she was taking those birth control pills but then she stopped and not telling him.

They had lived together before the girl got pregant and they agreed that the girl would take birth control pills as both don´t like having sex with condoms.

And by the way, some women are capable of lying about whose baby they have in their wombs. No kidding. Sorry that´s the truth.


I understand.

Vasectomy is often a great solution. It’s reversible, it’s a lower health risk than birth control pills, and 3 months or so after it’s done, it makes certain that there are no unwanted babies.


Yeah. The same with tubectomy for women. But most women and men are still reluctant to have this type of birth control (vasectomy/tubectomy) even when they don´t wanna have kids, maybe because they are afraid or something, or not well informed.


True… :slight_smile: