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There are total jerk buyers, then there are Awesome Buyers!


It’s easy for us to complain when we have horrible buyers. In fact that’s why I came to the forum today; I have one that thinks they can simply demand something I don’t offer at a price I wouldn’t do it for even if I did…

I have been a Fiverr seller for 4 years this month. I don’t know exactly how many gigs I have done but I have about 250 feed-backs so probably around 300 gigs or so. A lot of those were for far more than $5 and have been great people to work with. There is one buyer who has ordered at least 30 different voice overs from me and the last few have been in the $80-$100 range. There is another who orders writing every month; six gigs at a time and gives me 30 days to finish them. Still another has hired me to do many different things.

This is just to salute those buyers that know how to read, know we can’t work all day for $5, and understand this is a BUSINESS not a GAME.


Well said and ditto

I never understood why a buyer requests something that has nothing to do with your gig and expects you to do it. I guess I’m suppose to magically have the skill set to do what they want even though I don’t have a gig for that skill set.