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There Goes 100$

So I had a client that provided me with a order, to pretty much take an article full of mismatched garbage and formatting mistakes, and rewrite and turn it into 3 articles.

I did that. Then they decided to nitpick every single tiny thing, including capitalized proper nouns and tried to tell me that my work was awful and “unfit for publication.”

I told them that most of their issues were nonsense, and that I will correct the few minor spelling errors and send it back it.

They told me my actions were “deplorable” and that I sucked at my job, and then went silent for 4 days. They did not even log onto Fiverr according to the “Last seen” feature.

the order marked itself as complete, and as I did the work they wanted, I thought that was OK. Apparently not. They apparently complained to Fiverr, and got their full refund back without ever asking for a cancellation!

That means that I am out of 80$, and several hours of my time formatting and trying to make sense of some poorly written rough draft that in some areas was just rambling or didn’t make much sense.

But seriously, if you are going to comb through my writings and find every tiny nuance and tell me that it wasn’t written to specifications that were not laid out in the contract, then why am I being hired?

Fiverr gave me no actual reason for this cancellation, btw. But whatever, now I know to avoid people who don’t have profile pictures.


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I love those people. “i show this to my frend who speak native english. he say it no good.” …If this friend is so much better at proofreading than I am, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK HIM INSTEAD OF PAYING ME?!?


So How Was Your Feeling About This

Sounds like a PayPal chargeback.

It also sounds like they wanted the work to be done for free (and were possibly hoping that their comments would scare you enough to offer them a refund).

Is their account still active?

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Actually, yes, they are. This is why I think it wasn’t a Paypal chargeback. Their account is still up, and despite making their account 4 days ago, they are seen as legit enough to potentially scam someone else.


Were they from U.S.? ( I saw how much they paid in the title.)

Here’s a wee hint - I don’t think the OP was very happy!

Sorry for the lack of avatar pic @lucycodex - it’s a bug! :slightly_smiling_face:


100$, and they were from somewhere in the UK. Even Fiverr says they were “unspecified”

I’m wondering what they thought was so deplorable that you did. That’s strong language for a few spelling errors.

I told them that I will fix the spelling errors, but that I wasn’t going to correct over 100 tiny non-issues that didn’t even make grammatical sense, or needed some kind of prior knowledge of the technology they wanted me to write about. They claimed that something I wrote was “not what was said” for instance, but that’s exactly what the rough draft said. They highlighted every capitalization of a proper noun, as if I am not supposed to capitalize those.

I fixed the legitimate errors, but I refused to fret over every single tiny thing because I know when no matter what I do, the customer will never be happy, and this was one of those times.


I contacted CS and asked them about this. I was confused because nowhere in the Order Cancellation policy did it give a reason as to why it was canceled. In fact, according to this policy, I would have gotten a strike against my account if I did something wrong, and yet it wasn’t me. Since it happened AFTER completion,

Completed Orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the 14 day limitation)

  • Users who have been reported to use copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification and with proof.
  • If you did not purchase commercial use rights and are reported to have used the materials commercially.

And none of these seemed to be the case. So I asked them about it. They said they would talk to the Finance Team and get back to me.

They replied with this:

“Thank you for your patience. We have added the funds for this order into your sales balance and they are available for withdraw at your discretion. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused.”

So wait… that order was fraudulently canceled? I got my money back as a compensation, but… what the hell happened?

@eoinfinnegan @ssj1236 @fonthaunt anyone else know what this was all about? Have you heard of this happening before? Because I would prefer to not have to go through it again, so i would like to know what to avoid doing in the future.


Congratulations! It looks like they realized the guy had no valid reason to have that cancelled and changed their minds and gave you the funds.

He may have lied to customer support about it.

It looks like CS is examining some of these things and finding in the seller’s favor after they have time to take a good look at the total order. :+1:

This has a similarity to the other situation on the forum where someone got a bad review and in both cases there was rude bullying behavior, which is a key element of a buyer who wants his gig for free.


I do know of several cases where Fiverr has returned 50-100% of funds to a seller after a cancellation. The cases I am aware of are all either PayPal chargebacks that were pretty big (orders over $100,) issues caused by bugs or times when a CS agent acted on a ticket and a supervisor overruled it.

All of the above are fairly rare as far as I know, and most of them aren’t something you could avoid with advance planning. Other than listening to your gut if you get that red-flag feeling, weird stuff just happens. Occasionally Fiverr decides it’s weird enough to credit the seller for all or part of the “error.”


Yes, there have been other cases where a CS rep cancelled an order upon a clients request or even within a conversation with a seller which the seller never wanted. They ended up getting an apology and a refund as well.
Glad you got your money back. Good for you :+1:


This is really encouraging! So glad to hear these bad buyers are not getting away with this every time.

It will be a growing problem for fiverr unless CS steps in and puts a stop to it as they did.

As I said, the sign this is a buyer trying to get his work free seems to be the bullying and rudeness in most cases.


That might have been the case. I have a feeling that the client was pissed, made a huge fuss, and wore their “I want to speak with your manager” hair, and made a big enough scene to get the CS reps to refund her money on a whim without any investigation.

I am glad I got it back too. That was over 2500 words and should have charged much more for it. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.


Glad it worked out for you.
I think a key to dealing with these situations is to be calm and clear in dealing with CS as I am sure you were.


You lucky girl - I didn’t even know if this was possible.

It must have been my stunning looks :nail_care::nail_care::raised_hands::elf:t4:

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More like your stunning personality and gorgeous look :3

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