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There has to come a block button!


Sometimes I get stalked by certain people asking for offers but do not attach the file where I can base an offer on. Also they try to fish for my e-mail address etc. and they always sound phony and clandestine.

I really want the possibility to block certain users. Even before they contact me. This is so annoying. I can block people on Youtube and social media. Why not on Fiverr?


Well, even the most annoying users represent potential $$$ to Fiverr, so it’s not in their interest to make such a feature widely available, no matter what 99.99% of users want. Best you can do is report and hope lots of others have and they’ll get kicked. My response rate has gone down today (hurray!) because of a “plz to bye my work, dear” message from a now-deleted user.

I would LOVE to block all these people, and have the ability to manually block them on the workplace as soon as they pop up on the forum so they can’t spam my inbox as well!


We all would love to have the ability to block some buyers. I can understand however why fiverr does not implement this feature. They would be bombarded with angry potential buyers who have been blocked.


They wouldn’t as it would be easy to show this buyers a message like “You have been blocked by this seller.”


I reported the buyer several days ago and today he bothered me again. I told him politely that I’m not his guy and wished him a lot of success finding someone else for the job.


And I don’t give a darn about potential $$$ for Fiverr. If I don’t want to do a job I don’t do it. Nobody will make me do it.


Yes I would love that. I can’t say enough good things about all my clients. But there are times when a buyer simply is not a good fit with my services and some won’t take no for an answer.


It can even better. Like on FB. If you block someone there they won’t even see you and vice versa. Same on Youtube.


It takes some very good communication skills and tact to say no to a buyer. It can usually be done well though so a buyer understands that you can’t do the job.


When the buyer doesn’t see that you exist you don’t have to say no.
In the situation we have now I don’t have problems to say no to buyers either.
However, I want to be able to avoid certain buyers.


You’re preaching to the choir here! I wish they’d implement some of the features we’ve all banged on about for months and years, rather than exciting updates nobody wanted (like the recent change to the analysis page where the graphs went AWOL for a day or two). 20% is a pretty significant cut…


You may be luckier than you realize.


I don’t know. Where is the problem? Most buyers contact me before they order, what I very much prefer.
They send me material of a link so I can have a look and ask if I can do a job for them. If I don’t want to work for this buyer for whatever reason I have an ocean of possibilities to say ‘No’.

  • I have a lot of orders right now.
  • (I there are no orders in the Fiverr queue) I have a lot of orders at the moment from direct clients.
  • You sent me a legal document, what I don’t translate as stated in the Gig-description, as the tiniest of a mistake could mean a disaster in court.
  • I don’t think I’m the right candidate for your order. I wish you success by finding the right one
    The options are endless…


If they accept it.


How couldn’t they. There is no other choice.
Except sending a SWAT-Team getting me off the sofa and forcing me.


Even ebay has the option to block buyers from certain countries, and certain buyers. I mean it’s a more of a market platform than fiverr ever is.

I just can’t understand why fiverr want those scammers, it’s not like they give money out that easy.


A buyer recently was told no by me and I requested he cancel but he refused. I had customer support cancel the order. He then asked me about it, said he wanted it, and I explained why it was not good for him to order my gig–for the second time. He then said I’m going to order it again anyway and he did just that. So there we were back where we were, starting over again. Some buyers try to force sellers to work against their will, believe it or not.


If this happens to me I don’t do it anyway and if Fiverr wouldn’t choose my side I would leave Fiverr. I’m in charge of my time.


My spam was removed again.


Stop spamming!