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There is A Badge for That


Did you know that you can earn a badge for reporting a post?

Mod Note: Please don’t waste our time. Flagging posts incorrectly or maliciously can affect your ability to move up the Forum levels.


Keep up grandad, I did that on the first night! Then I got told off by a mod for wasting their time.


Hmm… I better stay away from this thread…


Yeah, that means that you and anyone else who follows you will lose trust points because of unnecessary flags.


I’m just surprised there is a badge for flagging. That seems to encourage random flagging.


No, you are the one only one who thought “oh cool, let’s flag everything!” and what’s worse you encouraged others to do so.


Never said that. You may have interpreted it that way. Gonna have to flag this post now. Ha


Are you straight up trolling? Your initial post encouraged others to “flag perfectly good posts”.

A mod deleted it.

Anyway, feel free to flag posts, I hear there’s a special badge if you flag more than 24 posts per minute! :smiling_imp:


Can I like 50% of the post, i.e. just the mod note? :wink:


My take on this badge is that is intended to help New Users learn that there is a flagging capability for the Forum.

As Uncle Ben Parker once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Good luck,