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There is a Bug in Customer Support?

Hello People!

I have tried four times in a week to submit a ticket to Customer Support. Everything going good, i have submitted the all information and then clicked on Submit Request and got message request submit successfully. So where is the problem ??

yeah, problem is My Open Request is not showing in the my activities list.
and also i am not getting any response from the CS. I am tired from this because today is 7thday of this issue. Can anyone facing the same problem ?

I am contacting CS because someone gave me fake review. if you are interested to read more then please read below my request which i am sending to CS. so that you can understand my situation in better way.

Hello Team

Hope you are doing great today!

i am here to ask your help. recently i have order with *******. She ordered my gig without discussing the final price. i am offering face portrait for $5. But she ordered in $5 Full body Vector portrait and background as well.

But i declined and send her additional offer to proceed further. But she did not accept the order and gave me fake review. i respond her quickly in time tracker. You can check on our order conversation. then why she gave me late order bad review. simply i dont want to work in her price so that i sent her new offer. But why she gave me fake and bad review. is sellers are not secure with their price and work. i clearly mentioned my price are on Gig as well. then where i am wrong. ??

can you please take a peek on this situation and i am kindly request you to remove this fake feedback. which is effecting my account badly. there is not my fault anywhere please let me know if i am wrong here.

Looking forward to your response.

warm regards
Sanmeet Singh

Please remove the buyer’s name. It is aginst the Forum’s rules to name and shame anyone in a post on the Forum.

I am sorry you had issues with a buyer that wanted more than they were willing to pay for. At this point one thing you can do is defend yourself by explaining the situation in your reply to her review.

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Actually the thing is there is not an option to reply for this review… all other reviews i can edit and send, But here there is no option to reply on this feedback.

You can’t respond to this feedback as it wasn’t left by the buyer - the system leaves it automatically when an order is cancelled when it’s not delivered so it’s classed as ‘very late’.

It wasn’t a fake review BTW - you didn’t deliver anything.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, as far as I know, Customer Support never removes the automated review for non-delivery.

You shouldn’t have allowed the order to get that late. If the buyer didn’t want to pay the full price, you should have cancelled.