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There is a course on learn from Fiverr that is Free!

Hello guys,

I recently completed the Fiverr’s free course: Freelancing Essentials which talks everything about Fiverr. It is the only information that is needed for a new seller here on Fiverr to get started with the platform and generate some sales.

I have seen this course from other seller’s profile section, but I thought it would be a paid one. But luckily it is 100% free. I would recommend each of you to complete the course and get that extra information.

You can access the course from here:

Did you finished the course or not? Let me know!

Thank you!


Hello @chasingdesigns, yes the course is free and very helpful. Every new seller should watch it when enrolled in Fiverr.

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People have spoken about it here many times.


Yes, I was finished someday ago.

Ok changed the title as you said!