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There is a dispute with one of your Gig orders


Recently, (the past 4 days or so), I have been getting one or 2 of these every single day:

Hi liongabriel, We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order… As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

Are these people trying to scam Fiverr/Paypal, or me? How will these affect me on fiver - it is completely out of my control - typically, i’m seeing decent size orders that are being cancelled $85, etc… people are selecting my gig extras and then paying and then disputing- without sending a word to me.

Anyone else having this happen?


I just had one of those messages I would like to think that they don’t realize what they are doing or maybe they are newbies using paypal, hope this won’t be nothing worse.


It is people charging back directly through PayPal. Happened to me just once. PayPal did not return the money HOWEVER, I constantly pressured Fiverr. As a gesture of good will they gave me the money back out of their own pockets :wink: I believe they done this for one other person at the same time too. I seriously doubt they will ever do it again.