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There is a limit for deleting accounts and also creating accounts?

I know that people can not have two Fiverr accounts at the same time but I was just wondering how many deletes and creates can someone make. Is infinite?


Anyone knows this answer…? me too also curious about it… :open_mouth:

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It’s not a healthy way to think as a freelancer. A do-over won’t help you. What you need in order to get orders are reviews and previous experience on the platform. If you’re deleting the current account and creating a new one, you’re basically removing your advantage. I don’t think there’s any limit, but that’s besides the point.


I have paused and/or deleted Gigs of mine that did not perform well for me.

I also have been adding new ones over the past week.

One thing that may be useful is to “freshen” up your Gigs from time to time.

I’m currently giving all of mine an extreme makeover with new graphics, new descriptions, etc.

I’m thinking this may keep me competitive in the marketplace.

It also brings me up-to-date on what is in my Gigs.


I don’t recommend you to delete your account. Don’t do it. If you delete it, you might not be able to create a new one.

Instead, I recommend you to keep active posting your offer on buyer request. Sharing your gig on social media and also keep maintain high quality service to maintain customer keep coming to you.

There is no instant process. You must be patient.


Thank you for your support :hugs:

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