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There is a serious water crisis in Bangalore


Since I don’t read any Indian newspapers. magazines or news based websites, and don’t watch any Indian or local TV news channels, or talk to too many people in general, I had no idea that there was a serious water crisis in Bangalore for 6 months and it is getting worse. I just found out today. Everyone has been talking about it, apparently.

Wow…I do live in a bubble. Since I live alone my water requirements are minimal, so I didn’t have to worry about the water situation, but apparently things are very very bad. So much that if something miraculous does not happen by May 15, the city will run out of water. Life is so unpredictable, you do your best, you pay your taxes, follow the law of the land, and such things happen, over which you have no control, or least expected.

Anyway, let me get back to my articles for the day.


It’s happening almost everywhere. So many schools have been closed over fears of a disease outbreak. This whole thing just makes me more thirsty.


Guess I will have to buy an apartment in Himachal Pradesh or Uttaranchal or any place where there is a lot of water.


Here in Puri, Odisha after the annual Cart Festival, each year the ground water level goes low and if you are using your own sources instead up of the govt. water supply then the only option left will be to upgrade the pumps. :frowning:


We have a serious water problem in India, mindless construction, over population, corruption and no respect for rules.


Even I was also unaware of this issue. Thank god I have enough beer in my refrigerator.


Been a long time since you’ve been here :slight_smile:


Yeah, Kinda busy with my regular job.


@writer99025 Whats the reason? No rain?


No rain, drought, but the main reason is over development - too much construction.


I see. Water problem is one of the biggest and serious problem. As I live in an area where there is no water problem at all, I can’t even imagine the problem of people of bangalore. I pray the problem solve soon.


summer is starting now , So all parts of facing that problem


Wow! That is crazy. Water is supposedly a cause of many conflicts.


I appreciate Chennaites for showing us a way by boycotting soft-drinks which are the main cause of depletion of precious ground water in many places. This is something that govts should be doing, but they won’t.


I really can’t imagine how difficult this is, but it’s really sad to hear it. is that ever happened before?


Crazy indeed. Or hard to imagine from NW Europe.

But that’s when the wet season starts, no? Wouldn’t the monsoon rainfalls help?


Admit it, Writer. This is your way of saying that you have just today realized that you left the tap running last May when you visited the W/C in the North by South East West wing of Bruce Manor.

We all know. Just say sorry and throw some bottles of Evian at the peasants and everything will be fine.


Monsoons start in June.