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There Is Hope, New Fiverr Sellers! Tips and My Experience

When I first started Fiverr, I had to wait for three months before anyone messaged me, which was surprisingly in sync with when I started to give up on the idea of this gig platform.

My buyer gave me a five star review, however a very basic “very good with communication”. I was a bit disappointed, however hoped that his review would make me more approachable to buyers. Unsurprisingly, this was not the case. This was right around the time I began crawling around the forum, attempting to find any applicable tips in order to boost sales.

Here are a few that I found worked well:

  1. Not all buyers like a bunch of *** and exclamation points!!! Especially for writing gigs, where formality is CRUCIAL. Otherwise, I believe buyers are not deterred. After lessening my sales voice and adding a few reputable credentials that I previously considered irrelevant (it’s not! Everyone wants experience in their seller’s field!).

  2. Keep it short. My titles were formerly quite long, trying to squeeze in way too much information, a few adjectives, and complete grammatical correctness. I was doing a writing gig after all, I reasoned. As soon as I shortened my gig and utilized the one ALL CAPS word Fiverr allows, I was getting about an order a day!

  3. Offer an IMMEDIATE turnaround time, before the due time. Include 24 hours in your title, to get seller’s attention. Keep in mind, you may have to work like crazy to meet the due time, so if you’re not up for late nights and the occasional headache, don’t follow this tip. One more thing, don’t forget to factor in separating time zones. If this means cancelling an order, do it, it’s better than getting a horrific rating. Additionally, chronically check your inbox. I once missed a huge sale because I missed the seller by 15 minutes. I’ve found that buyers are often squeezed for time, and will message multiple sellers at once. The seller that replies first gets the gig.

  4. Edit and tweak your thumbnail and description. Your thumbnail should be of high quality and eye-catching. In addition, constantly editing your work will increase the number of people who view your gig. Fiverr likes to keep active gigs higher up in the search results.

  5. If a seller requests a revision, specifically when it was obviously their fault, assure them that it is your fault. There is no point in acting like you are annoyed, besides offending the buyer and possibly hurting your rating.

  6. Don’t forget to include a P.S. and friendly request asking a buyer to review your gig at the same time you deliver the gig, otherwise, the buyer may already be gone! In addition, as mentioned a little earlier, always deliver gigs about 2-5 hours before the designated time is. It’s very likely your buyer might mark your delivery as incomplete for some reason, and it’s important to have leg-room to tweak your delivery and deliver it before the buyer needs it. Buyers sometimes complain about a lagging delivery time, even when they themselves agreed to it. By delivering early, you can avoid the detriment on your overall rating. Although you can message the buyer in regards to this, they may not agree and you may face a series of consequences such as a loss of sales and an even lower rating.

    I myself am not a top-seller, so top-seller advice would also be appreciated. Thanks, and hopefully I was not too redundant in my advice! :wink:

You are a top seller! Top sellers, to me, are people who have a great work ethic and wonderful customer service. Great tips! :smiley:

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Thank you! So jelly of your sales! :slight_smile:

Awesome tips. I will save these tips for my success in Fiverr business.