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There is nagative effect If i change my gig TITLE?

Hi, I need advice, I am thinking about changing the title of my gig but I noticed when the title changes, the link stayed the same. I was wondering, other than the link not changing is there any other down sides to switching up the gig title? The other day my gig was in 8th spot under “Tshirt” category, will changing it again harm that?

i think changing title will reset itts rank .

do the reviews and comments stay there when you change the titles they disappear ?

I just changed a word in one of my gigs title and it did… nothing. Guess you won’t lose comments, reviews or anything else.

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hi, there is another issue annoying me.
i delivered 100% genuine work and the buyer left a negative review full of lies.
i even refunded her but she won’t remove the comments.
Fiverr seems to be on buyers side every time and i know they are not going remove it for me.

sometimes i think the buyer left the comments to get her refund along the order. i wrote her an article and i think she might use it even after the refund.

no reviews and comments have no any relationship with the title.

that could possibly happen, fiverr takes buyer review as her/his overall feeling about your service, So they will not change the review unless the buyer accepted review changing option in ‘‘resolve now’’. But you have only a one chance to ask for changing a review for a one order. if buyer denied it, then the review will be there on your gig forever.

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that kinda ruined my reputation. :confused: