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There is No Buyer request section

I have not found even any buyer request option.
when i tried to send offer there is no option of
buyer request. How can i restore the option.

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@noorislam663 no ways to restore, when you get level you have available buyer request

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@aishi168 thank for so fast response. If I have no available buyer request than how can i get level.

Look it up please. All you have to do is Google Fiverr Levels. We’re not here to do your research for you.

There is also public information on how Buyer Requests work, too and literally hundreds of posts in the forum about it. Please research before you post in the forum.


@humanissocial ? Don’t make research here for me.

I’m not making research for you. You’re making research for us. You’re asking a question here whose answer you can find if you search yourself. We know how Levels work because we looked it up and you can, too.

Forums are for sharing insights, not for doing your homework for you. If you want to be successful, you must take initiative and research to find out how things work. It’s rude to ask us to do that for you. We aren’t your assistants.


Actually your profile skill depended to buyer requested.

If you don’t see the “More” option at the top of the screen, needed to select the “Buyer Requests” option from the menu that is shown after that (ie. you’re not able to go to the buyer requests page) you could have a desktop with too low a resolution

If you aren’t seeing buyer requests on the buyer request page but you see the buyer request page, it could just be because of your level and too few requests are available currently for users with your level. If that’s the case, you can just load the page more frequently (a few times a day) or create gigs in different categories (more categories should give more chance of seeing requests I think).