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There is no changing on my Buyer Requests List from last nignt


I want to know why the list of buyer requests not changing. I refreshed the page so many times but the list stay on a fixed list. there are 35 request show in every search. What should I do.


Me too. No new requests from last night.


I don’t understand whats going on… have any solution. If anyone know please inform.


I’m in a different category than each of you - I do voice-over - and I too have had no new BRs since last night, so it must be site-wide. I hope they’re revising them for the better, but a notice would have been nice IF that were the case.


Same problem as well.
whats going on?


##Buyer’s Request is currently undergoing maintenance. :tools:


Exactly that. We hope always latest information from authority. And it will be help for us.


exactly, buyer request has not updated from last night.


yes same no new buyer request from last night


I miss you BR!!


Same problem to my. Last 2/3 days


now the problem has been solved


yet problem BR.Bro…