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There is no clear way to get help

Infact ive spent over 6 hours today just trying to get someone to help or to submit a trouble ticket.

I paid for a project yesterday, a device design and prototype included in the order. I paid the full requested price of the order.

Today the seller reached reached out to me because he needs some upfront cash to buy the parts to deliver the project. All i get are FAQs and no way to get help from Fiverr. Terrible experience so far! I dont wabt to cancel (and there eveb seems no way to do this!) so my experience so far is one of stress and anxiety. I hope someone can help asap!!

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Try emailing :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you were not adviced about the up front cash and wasn’t specified on the gig, I would also suggest contacting support as stated before.

I think is not even possible to give up front cash, but I’m not sure about this.

You’re correct, it’s not possible.

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I don’t think Support can even help you with this. It’s fairly straightforward. There is no way to pay the seller except through Fiverr. If you agree that the seller needs more funding for any reason, the seller would have to create a custom quote for that amount and you could buy that as a Fiverr gig. The seller still would not get instant access to that cash, there is no provision for that on Fiverr. The seller would have to take a risk and spend personal funds for “parts” or anything needed.

To be honest, this isn’t a service that works well on Fiverr, but if you and the seller want to do it that is the only option. Doing it any other way would cause you and/or the seller to get an account ban and you would not get your order filled. If you want to confirm that with support you can email as suggested above or use the ticket system: Customer Support


You can ask the seller to create an extra offer or custom offer for the things to be purchased
He can deliver the order with what he bought and you can accept the delivery for that part