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There is no job offer for my concerts

Hello everyone! 30 days ago and started my experience as a seller of services in fiverr. I have published a series of gigs throughout those days, but I have not yet received any job offers for them … I want to improve, I am willing to do so! what could be happening? I have to mention that there are also none of my offered gigs published in the categories, what could be happening? I have a great frustration about it …:frowning:

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Stay online using fiverr app and try to change your gig tags for more buyer requests.

Hi!, I’ve done it but I don’t have results either. Thank you for your collaboration!

There is no job offer for my concerts

But you have no gigs related to concerts so maybe that’s why. If you just mean gigs, you can check in the help-desk whether your gig is actually in the search index (start to create a support ticket and select the option that says something like “I can’t see my gig in the search engine”) and it will tell you if it’s there or pending). Also if you’re not getting orders and want some you can try sending offers to buyer requests in the buyer request page.


one thing i notice, having a series of gig wouldn’t get you offer.

what to note, is your gig offering a demanding service?
if yes, you should make sells if no then your gig service is on a low demand.and will hardly get you offer.

suggestion, blind your gig on services on high demand and use a competitive content with keywords for easy search

note, dont depend on only to get your offer, try sharing your gig link on social media sites.

i hope you find help
take care

Merely staying online does not help you get orders. Please stop perpetuating this myth.


Hello @berevstroika

Well you can do certain things to optimize your gigs but it still doesn’t guarantee any sales. The best is the Buyer Request and marketing your gigs on your social network.

  • optimize your gigs
  • post your offers to buyer requests
  • market on social network
  • use high quality images in your gigs
  • make FAQS

Some tips by experts:

Good luck :+1:

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