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There is no work(Content writer Article). Guys is it a right Place to find work?


From many days I’m searching work, but there is no one hire me yet. Please tell me is it a right place?


Just keep sending custom offers to buyers requests and you’ll get lucky. I was sending for almost two weeks daily offers, and then got my first offer. Though I’m less than a month, I already have a client who came back repeatedly from there.



There is plenty of work. Work on your preps. Don’t whine.


Where is work? Why no work?


Another one…

Did you honestly expect clients to flock to you? There are literally 100’s of sellers who do the exact same thing. You’re not doing anything (from what I see) to stand out from the field.

You offer writing services. Sorry to say, but your grammar is not very good. This would be an immediate concern for any potential client.


“flock you”



Might help if you didn’t just copy and paste from a Level 2 seller for your gig description.


You want the honest answer?
Your gig description sounds like absolute lies…
Really? You have written for some of the web’s best sites? Come off it.
Honestly, this type of gig description infuriates me. You are lying about what you have done in the past and you are fooling nobody. Anyone who sees this gig description will definitely not order from you, unless they are idiotic - in which case you deserve each other.
Write a real description of the work you do, be specific, and when you get an order, just do it. Lies will get you nowhere here.

Reminds me of the idiot who complained about a seller’s work. The seller’s gig description said that they were the “Number 1 copywriter in the USA”. All I could do was laugh at the buyer who read that and thought, “Great, I’ll get the best writer in the USA to write 500 words for $5!” and then ordered it.


And down comes the hammer!


I meant to say “No offence, but…” at the start of the comment to soften the blow.


No worries, I don’t think he came back.


I’m genuinely heartbroken, Fiverr is a worse place without him…


It was refreshing to hear that.


well you’re quite lucky, I haven’t made a single sale since i started about 2 weeks ago!


Is Fiverr the best place to find work? Yes and no. Yes, if you persevere at it, no if you don’t (or don’t have the required skills for your proposed service)

Is content writing the best service you can offer? No.



OP still hasn’t made a sale lol.