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There is nothing for a newbie 😢

Its my third week on Fiverr but Still I haven’t received any Order :cry:.

The above one is my gig link. Everything is ok in my gig but still I am not getting any order.
No one telling me in the forum that what to improve in my gig.

getting totally disappointment from Fiverr and forum😢.

I keep reading again and again these messages in the Forum.
Do not worry, it takes some time at first! Focus on analyzing your Gig performances in terms of views and clicks so that you know which are the more appealing, and improve the ones that are not, and keep promoting your Gigs in Social Media and among your contacts. Have some patience, orders will come your way ! :slight_smile:

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Could you tell me one thing that :

I have : impression = 133 clicks = 53 and views =105 on my this gig

are they good or bad, please tell?

Stats like that don’t really mean much of anything. All that matters is sales. Your gig is either selling, or it isn’t.

The fact that your gigs aren’t selling means that your gigs aren’t convincing potential customers that you can solve their problem for them. Remember that - everyone who comes to buy on Fiverr is a real person with an actual problem that they’re trying to solve. In your case, the problem is that someone needs a logo. Your job is to convince them that you can solve that problem for them.

Your logos in this gig don’t really stand out from the thousands of other logos elsewhere on the site, and if I’m being really honest, they’re all pretty basic. People looking for logos have literally tens of thousands of sellers to choose from, so that’s unfortunately the most likely reason why you’re not making any sales.

I really think you need to take some time to work on your craft, and come back with a much stronger portfolio if you want to succeed here.


yeah Thanks for your suggestion, I will do.

Look, It happens, I was feeling the same in start but for newbies, we need to wait. You will get orders. Best of luck :slight_smile:


yeah may be…:neutral_face: