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There is nothing in Spanish

Hello everyone, I am bilingual but would like to record voice overs in Spanish, I make several humorous voices, I need to record more. There is nothing in Spanish…!!!

What exactly are you asking for help with? What do you mean there is nothing in Spanish? If there aren’t other people offering voiceovers in Spanish that seems like a good thing for you, although I think there are people offering it. Could you clarify what you are asking for?

I’m bilingual, yet I can tell you that 99% of my orders are for English work. While there’s a lot of potential for the Hispanic market, I don’t think most Latinos have discovered Fiverr, not at the rate of Asians, Europeans, Africans and North Americans.

However, like FontHaunt puts it, this is a HUGE opportunity for Latinos that want to do work in Spanish. Fiverr also has a Spanish version,

If you’re bilingual, just translate our gigs. It’s easy, go to “My Gigs” and click " + add translation". Good luck!