There is people that steal your gig´s right off


My gig is stolen by a woman from usa the text the video everything the text even said to go visit my site?What do i do now?I have sent a message to her to take it down,if not i tell fiverr to ban her.


Write a ticket on Customer Support and provide all the evidences you can… then wait…

Her gig will be taken down as soon as possible…


I had the same problem a few months ago. One of my clients was kind enough to point it out.

I messaged the ‘seller’ who gave me a cock and bull story until I asked her to look in the bottom corner of JPEG she was using and indeed, there was my URL… :slight_smile:

I wasted a fair bit of time going back and fourth with the ‘seller’ so I would send a very polite message to CS with your evidence.

They sorted it for me and banner the ‘seller’.

Hope that helps.