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There is really a problem with graphic designers niche

Some months ago, I have made a youtube intro for a buyer, I do a little bit of motion designing on after effect, and I can animate the work that graphists do.
This evening, I was watching ASMR videos on youtube to chill, and noticed that the youtube channel that is American, my buyer French, have literally the SAME logo.

I mean, comon, I’m 100% sure that those 2 persons bought their logo here, they have same font, same design, same little leaves on the edge, just the name has changed.

You guys working for cheap with “fast delivery, unlimited revisions” should really try to be more original than this, every days on this forum, it is full of “graphic designers” asking questions why they don’t have sells, neither customers or anything, but I think I understand why, I bet that majority of graphic designers just copy contents, reverse logos, steal contents etc.

But anyway “you get what you pay for”, True graphic designers don’t do things for cheap with unlimited revisions and have real skills I believe, i just found it really lame to find out by myself.

(Left: youtube channel, right: my buyer)


That’s sad… but I guess that’s what we get for… not paying much? (although I don’t know about your buyer). If even the colors weren’t so close to each other I’d say maybe it’s just a similar style but… they are the same.
I did get an… unwarranted ‘logo’ when I posted in BR (I didn’t even have high standards,I just want a watermark I can post over my writing samples) that I’m tempted to post (at least these logos are pretty!) but I wouldn’t want the designer to see it… and I never paid, so… (but yeah, getting something pretty but unoriginal is the better outcome, unfortunately.)

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I don’t know who my buyer bought from, I just animated the work that a “graphic designer” made

The trouble is broader - across the whole of society.

People are afraid of being different so they clump and all have exactly the same safe non-idea at the same time. Where uniqueness used to be valued, now conformity is valued. This is why logo making websites are now a thing whereas 30 years ago they would have been an abomination. Instead of getting a logo that represents you, you get an image made of formula parts that represents everyone else. Especially seeing most people only choose from the top line of “popular” images to guarantee that their image is safe and acceptably thoughtless for most.

Garbage merchants and customers wanting their services are merely a symptom. It would be nice if Fiverr stopped it but they are right in many ways as in such a large, porous database as this, it will go on as long as people want it. As long as people keep requesting these sad services.

It won’t change until we as individuals change.



True, but the thing is that we meet them everydays in this forum, those one with the combo: logo for 5€, unlimited revision, same copy/paste gig picture, I bet they are all the same trying to make money on fiverr, see that it doesn’t work and ask forum.
Some ladies here spotted some of them very fast.

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I understand but blowing your nose does not get rid of pneumonia. The only way to solve something so systemic is to address the system not only in the body but outside so that the conditions that allow pneumonia to happen are not present. The sellers are wrong but they are also a symptom, not the cause.

And BTW, what do you think I am doing for hours every day but trying to stamp this pathetic display of fear out?

There are no Buts. As soon as people go, Of course, you are right but I just do this lazy thing because it is easier on my lazy fearful self, we are just creating more acceptance of the things that cause the problem in the first place. If you are afraid of singing, get off the stage so that someone who is not afraid can have their shot.


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You’re right, I just find this stupid but… anyway, people get what they pay for.