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There is something called "Gig extra"


Since this is what happens to me (as a seller) a lot of times and takes time to explain, so hopefully buyers can find this useful

In most of sellers’ gig page, there is “Gig extra”, that’s the additional fee to get higher quality work, rather than the standard quality of $5 gig. It can be additional $5, $10, $20, $40, $50, etc

A lot of buyer place order to me, then after I deliver $5-work, they compare and ask me why the product is not good as the samples from other buyer’s. that’s a comparison between $5-product and a $165-product. I had to cancel tons of order simply because I cannot do premium work for basic price.

So, take time to read sellers’ gig description and it’s better if you can contact them before placing order.

Amen to that. Im putting a stop to people asking me to do a $10 extra for “one extra gig purchase” or expect the extra in the main $5 price.

We need a “i don’t want to do this gig” button

thanks for post

i cant see my gig how do i find it.i need help.

Are gigs hidden away from the creator. Because ever since i uploaded my Gig i havent seen it. Thanks


I don’t see your gigs at all. Did you suspend or delete them?

I did neither. I uploaded a gig on friday. And till now i can find it. I did not suspend or delete it. I am a fresher what do i do?i go to my gig, what i see is create gig. So please i need help

Reply to @madmoo: i did not delete it and it wasnt suspended



Uploaded Friday. So was the gig even approved?

Was there anything in the gig that could cause Fiverr to disapprove or take them down?

Did you copy, paste and save the gig URL?

Reply to @madmoo: the problem here is that i cant even see anything. What is still there is the normal create gigs. I will contact customer care.thanks for the the picture no your profile a real picture

Reply to @voiceoverwork: no i did not. i only typed and fill the necessary form for uploading a gig. After its uploaded i could not see it any more. I did not do copy and paste.


Sometimes (we’ve all done it) when we put up a gig we forget to put it in “active” status. Only “active” gigs get approved.

Follow what @madmoo says and go to your My Gigs area and see the ACTIVE and SUSPENDED areas. Your gigs should be in either area.

Unless you’re trying to say the gig is not there either ??

What i mean is that the gig is not in mygig if you should click mygig what you will see is create gig no existing gig there not to talk of active or approve or suspended. Thats just my worry you can see the gig.has if its not even created

How do i contact customer care


There is a “Contact Support” link at the Top of every Forum page … and a “Customer Support” link at the Bottom of every Fiverr page.

Nice experience share…