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There is something wrong with the fiverr website

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your time here, so recently i did found that there is a serious bug in Fiverr’s website which really needs to be fixed ASAP.

So let me tell you guys a bit about myself, so i have been doing video editing from sometime now and its only around a month or two i have joined Fiverr to begin my freelance career, so currently i am providing video editing services on this platform in the hope of getting orders and building a good solid career out of it.
So i do know about the hardships a newbie faces in the initial period and i was totally ready for all the challenges thats why i did joined this platform, till now i am constantly trying to improve my gig, improve my skill and to overall improve myself as a person.

So i am sharing the problem now which i am facing…
Here is the first Screen shot showing the services i do provide

So here you can see clearly i have mentioned the time limit of footage i will be providing and its in minutes…

This is the 2nd Screen shot in which it shows actually what a buyer sees in the gig

So here you can see its written in secs like i will only provide buyers the videos lasting 2secs, 5secs, and 10secs.

So this I think is really some bug or some glitch the website is having and i dont know how can i resolve this.
Recently a buyer did contacted me and she the lady who contacted, she asked me that why i am providing such short footages and i had to again explain her everything that it is’nt my fault the website is having an issue.

So please do guide me what can be done regarding this matter, your help would definitely mean a lot to me.



Had a quick look at other gigs in your category and saw one set up like yours with exactly the same problem.

However, there are many gigs by successful sellers set up in a different way.

Suggest you have a look at other gigs in your category to see if you could set yours up differently to avoid this.


Its a bug, the package is set on minutes in EDIT gig section while the presentation of GIG data is in seconds.

Mine’s the same (showing it incorrectly). When you view the gig normally it shows a figure in seconds under “basic/standard/premium” in the top right of the screen. In the “compare gigs section” it shows the same figures in minutes.

They’re probably storing a numeric value and a value to hold what unit it is in, but maybe they’re checking/storing the unit (mins/seconds etc.) incorrectly. For some gigs I think the default unit was seconds.

I reported a bug to support (in May this year) where sending an offer was converting a figure that had been asked for in seconds was then displayed in minutes as the same figure (eg. entering 60 for seconds would get shown as 60 minutes in the offer). They’re still working on fixing that.

Reporting it as a bug to support is probably the best way to get it fixed.


When I looked it seems like it’s wrong in every gig in the “video editing” subcategory that shows a running time field. Even Pro gigs. All the ones with 3 packages seem to say seconds in the top right box for running time and the same figure shown in minutes in the “compare packages” section.

A Pro gig without packages says “up to 3 minutes” (as text for the finished video duration) in the small description box on the top right (where a package would be) but in the field value it says “4-second running time” in the top right as well as the order details below.

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I saw some gigs that weren’t set up with the “second” thing but were set up in a different way.

My post was just based on a general observation.


So the only way currently to get it to show correctly might be to not select/show anything in the “Running Time” field (set them all to “select” if possible rather than a number) and just enter the “up to” running time as text in the package description if it has packages, or gig description if it doesn’t.

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