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There is space for EVERY seller on fiverr

Ever heard someone saying that there is no space for his gig?

The reason this is posted on tips for sellers is due to the fact that this will make you become a seller.

To prove that thought wrong I have put together Three lines of clear explanation towards why there is space for everyone’s gigs. On a side note you can’t expect to be picked without offering a service. Obviously we’re referring to gigs that have proper spelling and a gig description and a tempting gig image.


If fiverr is ranked the 134th most visited website in the world and there are more than 3 billion people who are using the internet today.and fiverr has 3 million gigs listed

You have a HUGE chance on fiverr!

Go Fiverr Go! - Post your gig today!

Don’t you agree?

More Promotion & Traffic is the key for getting sales.

I agree. If I would’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the competition, I may not have begun. Having faith in your abilities is paramount to success.


I didn’t think fiverr would work for me until I added a gig and began to get gigs. I have made over $200 which is a very big deal when every nickel counts.

The competition seemed too steep but I closed my eyes and jumped in. I now have a steady trifle of jobs and am elated to have the small extra income.

fiverr rules and regulations are limited

it’s been 8 days since i joined fiverr, still no sales …

your agument is unvalid !

Reply to @logax01: I think the key as you guys are saying above is a combination of both patience and traffic, but that has to come from somewhere. In order to get traffic in a highly competitive arena I have found that the best way is to stand out. I know that probably sounds crazy because how can you stand out when there are a million other gigs that are basically the same is mine? What I have found is that taking a big market category and slightly narrowing it down to a niche is the best way to get targeted traffic which has a higher conversion rate to sales.

For example I have a logo design gig that I originally named something like “I will make an eye popping logo for your company.” This is a decent start but it was too broad. Just think how many gigs say something to the effect that they will create a logo for your company. I decided to change my gig title to something a little more specialized (sports logos) and I have seen my sales increase exponentially!

Logoax01 I would try also incorporating that your services are for businesses. Many people come to fiverr in search for cheap services for their business and I think you have a couple gigs that have potential to sell to that type of crowd but you have to catch that crowd with your title. You should try writing your title as follows: “I will… for your business/ company” or whatever you think would fit best.

I hope this helps you out mate!

Best of luck!

I’m here about 2 years( 1 year 10 months) and I tried all methods to promote my gig I’m designing awesome logos I’m award wining designer, but I’m still didn’t get buyers for a week there is 2-3 buyers, I have a bugs with my account I send message to costumers service about so 2 months left there is still bugs on my account I’m shocked and I think many of sellers here see what happening some sellers has 300 orders in queue and others 0, but the sellers who has a 300 orders isn’t good enough for that type of difference I think it is because they are always promoted by fiverr and others like me don’t get any promotion so I decide to leave fiverr because I have more chances in other freelance site than here I already spend 2 years to understand that! thank you

Reply to @logax01: Just don’t think it comes like that over night…