There must be a function for seller to accept and start the order


Hi everyone!
Going through the whole process of fiverr.
I got suggestion that ust be implemented.

  1. Each seller must have option to accept and start the order. so the seller rights will be there and nobody will be able to make fake orders and effect the seller profile.
  2. Mutually cancellations must not be added to cancellation rate.


Exactly. I was thinking about it too. It is really disgusting sometimes when clients were not responding anymore.


Yes, because sometimes buyers order basic gig for a bigger work and then go for cancellations, and that cancellation effect the rating and performance, so In my opinion mutual agreement cancellations must not be considered, or there must be order acceptance system for sellers so they can accept the order and then move to work with the order.


Greatest idea!!
Sometimes, buyers will request for an order that is not in your description, and then tell you that it was a mistake and request a cancellation.

Others would want the whole world of delivery for just $5. Imagine someone asking for an eBook of 20pages for just $5.

Sellers are supposed to be given the right to accept an order or not before the order countdown starts.


Says who? You? Sellers do not, in any way, deserve this. If you need to cancel an order, cancel the order. But please stop demanding that sellers have the ability to pick and choose which orders they complete. If a buyer places an order, they do so because they want to work with you. Denying them that chance is just rude, selfish, and inappropriate.

Yes, some buyers might “accidentally” place an order. If this happens, work with the buyer to correct the issue – maybe even convert that mistake into an order that you can deliver. And if that doesn’t work, you can easily cancel the order. Mistakes happen. That doesn’t mean sellers still deserve 100% delivery ratings just because they want them.

Take the bad with the good. If you deliver enough orders, it won’t matter much if you have to cancel a mistake here and there. If you’re not earning enough orders to offset a cancellation, then, maybe you have to work harder to bring in more customers.


b…b…but I do deserve it :disappointed_relieved:
My services are special and I only accept orders from special buyers :stuck_out_tongue:

OP, you’ll get my vote. I’m tired of buyers who don’t know what they are doing :wink:

Buyers, if you make a mistake you might as well file your chargeback because you won’t get mutual cancellation anymore. Rules have changed and I’m adapting :wink:


This could work. It could be an option you can activate like the available now button (that I still have never seen)


Yes, everyone has his own opinion, and it is not all about right or wrong, it is all about making the things work perfectly.
Let’s take an example, and illiterate person comes to fiverr knowing that everything in $5, which is the base of fiverr community and idea behind whole thing. So, if there is an order to you, and buyer ordered without knowing the thing that if you are able to do it or not, and you fail to provide best with that, buyer writes a negative review, and 1st negative review means you cannot move forward to show your actual talent to world.
There are many other points and problems which can be listed here and a long discussion can take place.