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There must be a time limit for buyer request and then the request should be removed


Hi Everyone, especially the sellers.
I have been working on fiverr for last month and found many flaws that must be removed, to make the platform user friendly and improve services.
Another suggestion i found which i am going to discuss here.

When we move to buyer request section, there are a tons of buyer requests and I am 100% sure that there will be less than 10% actual request that needs to be worked, but we can see tons of them, the reason is only that the people post the request and get their work done soon, but they don’t give time to remove the request and close it.

I have experienced it a lot, as i done 7 projects previously and the requests i got to solve are showing still in the buyer request section, but they must have been removed, as i delivered the solution and the work has been completed.

In my opinion, fiverr has stopped looking for flaws in their system, and just running the site.

I am also sorry to fiverr for such discussion, as it is source of income for us and we must respect them, but the wrong thing is wrong and must be removed.


When you hover over a buyer request, there’s a link on the right beside the Send Offer button to remove the request from the list. Not sure if that is that what you were referring to or something else.


I think Fiverr needs to create a system that will auto-suspend accounts with stock photos for profile pictures.

It’s simple to vet. Here are the results for your profile picture: