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There needs to be a standard definition for source file

I ordered some t-shirt designs. The copy said I’d receive the “source” files. I’m a web designer/developer in the US and “source” means a layered, vector file. The guy refused and instead of offering a jpg, offered a png. What?

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I agree with you. We can’t call jpg or png file as source files. I draw concepts and I usually send psd file as a sorce file.

There already is a standard definition, but there will always be sellers who don’t know what it means. For logo designers AI or EPS file should be the standard, but I’ve seen sellers who make their logos in paint.

When you hire someone you need to check their gig description and FAQs. If they haven’t explained which files you will get then ask about it.


LOL seriously laughing here, Logo Design with paint. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
AI OR EPS is meant to be source file.

Thanks for your replies. I’m still fighting with the guy to send me vector source files!

contact customer support if he have written that he will provide source files in his gig then you should report him and do not accept order untill he provide that

I tried contacting customer support. No phone number… Chat doesnt work or at least not now, not on my phone. Email was the only option. They say it can take over 24 hrs to get back. Sad

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try contacting again