There needs to be a way to respond to late delivery cancellation feedback


Tired of people ordering 100 articles for 3 days delivery, declining mutual cancellation and then cancelling as soon as it goes ‘very late’ (after agreeing that it can take longer than the three days)

I mean, 75% of the feedback I have had as of late is late delivery cancellations where the client already has some content.

I just want to be able to respond and say I was scammed, mainly since Fiverr refuse to remove the feedback because, and I quote:

“once a gig has been ordered, you agree to deliver it on time unless the buyer accepts mutual cancellation”

Even though my gig says that you should contact me before you order.

Why did I partially deliver some content? Well, customer support told me to do this. They said deliver something to let the client know that you are working, but don’t mark it as complete.

I am stupid. I figured that would give me some protection.

One of the most recent cancellations, client ordered reviews. My gig does not cater for reviews (I have a separate gig for that which has double the time limit). I told him I would do it, but it would be the ‘normal’ delivery time for reviews. According to customer support, this counts as ‘acceptance’ of the order at the standard delivery time frame. So, the minute it went very late, he cancelled (when I had already put 2 hours of work into the reviews). It is fucking ridiculous. Again, nobody knows the story, I lose out on sales, and it is just because this client was trying to ‘beat’ the system by ordering the wrong gig.

$350 worth of content lost this month and I get a ton of negative feedbacks which don’t tell the true story because I am not allowed to bloody respond.


This is the same problem you’ve usually had as I recall, going late for whatever reason.
I agree that you need to deliver something by the delivery date. Stop letting them go late. Put the delivery time back. I wake myself up in the middle of the night to deliver sometimes.

Anyone can see you can’t do 100 articles in 3 days so there is no way to accept that.
Cancel it even if you have to get customer support to do it. I would have written a very overly polite message saying to only send you 5 articles at a time to work on and requested mutual cancellation so you could give each article your best work and effort.


The thing is, I have requested mutual cancellation on those gigs. The client declines. Customer support then say that they can cancel it for late delivery. Almost all of the cancellations I have on my gig have been offered mutual cancellation at some point.


If people are often placing huge orders on your gigs and the delivery duration of those gigs just can’t accommodate that kind of work, and you want to be able to accommodate those orders, why not extend the delivery time on your gigs so that you would be able to get those orders done before time runs out?


Hey Ryan,
Can you drop me a message when you are back to work?


But you can ask for Customer Support to cancel the orders for you, whether the client declines or not. I’ve had orders placed that I can’t do, whether the orders are too large or the buyer has just ignored my list of topics that I don’t do. If they’ve declined the mutual cancellation, I go to Customer Support to get them to cancel instead. It’s only happened a small number of times and I tend to message the buyer then to explain what has happened.

If you get people saying that they will wait, put the mutual cancellation through again and say that you need them to order in smaller batches.

I’m sure you can put a limit on the amount of gigs that are ordered now. Have you checked if you have that option? I have and put it to 10 or 15 maximum.


Thanks for the responses.

My gig is truly F******* up. I have given away a LOT of free content this month. People keep cancelling AFTER agreeing delays. I, estimate, about $1,000 of content has been lost AND i still have to keep the negative feedback.

I have not earned a penny through Fiverr this month. it is all free content. Obviously, nobody is going to agree to have the feedback removed.

So f*** it. I am done. I can’t be arsed.

Fiverr customer support don’t want to help.

I lost my house after I lost my Top Rated Seller status (due to the fall in income it created. I went from 20 orders a day to 1-2, if I were lucky, after that). This meant I was unable to afford my rent and I had to give it up.

I also lost my other business due to a Fiverr seller on here, somebody who I never even worked with in my life.

Google my name. I ********* dare you. Look at those awful reviews that person wrote, saying I bribe customer support etc. They ended up emailing some of my other clients (away from Fiverr) who stopped working with me.

Now, whenever I try to work with somebody new, they Google my name and see those reviews that people have written and they choose not to work with me (all of those reviews come from the same person)

Hell, I have dated 2 people in the past month or so, both Googled me and had a TON of questions to ask about those reviews.

Fiverr has seriously F******* up my life. I am fucking done. Since signing up to Fiverr I have:

  1. Lost my home
  2. Lost my business away from Fiverr
  3. Lost my longterm girlfriend (of 7 years) because of the constant stress of working here and the problems that losing my house caused.
  4. Lost so much free content.

My gig is f*******, and Fiverr don’t care about scammers any more.

I don’t know what I am going to do from here on out, but since my gig is ruined and other stuff, I have no income.


Customer support take 3-4 days to respond to me now. By the time they do, the order has been cancelled and they refuse.


Because then I will have a gig with a delivery time of 30 days. People don’t want to order from somebody who has a gig delivery time of 30 days if they only wish for 2 articles.

Anyway, I am done writing. I have left another response to this thread.


I will no longer be working.


I’m really sorry Ryan. I can’t help but feel that you have massively overstretched yourself, though.

Why not switch Fiverr off for a month, (since you have decided to leave anyway) take a breather and then come back and revamp your gigs, your profile, everything?

On another site I used to work and depended on a lot for my main income, I had somebody trash me as part of a crazy vendetta last year. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what you have experienced but this is what brought me over to Fiverr. Now, I kind of wish that I had focused on rebuilding my rep on that other site as well as focusing on making a go of things here. Moreover, from past career experience, I know how easy it is to succumb to pretty passive aggressive tendencies, especially when you start making a loss because of other people bringing you unnecessary problems.

Quit Fiverr. Come back in a month, maybe think about deleting your gigs? - I mean your profile will still show your incredible review numbers won’t it? Edit your profile to make it stand out a little less passive-aggressively (sorry but it does at the moment) and create some new gigs or revamp your existing ones.

Also, I obviously don’t know your living or financial situation but if you have got nothing to tie you down in Sweden, maybe think about relocating somewhere a bit cheaper where you will have less stress each month financially? I live really well on a budget down here in Malta (rent starting for a decent place at $250-$300 a month).

Like I said, I’m really sorry this has happened but even in the bleakest times, it’s important to look through the whirlwind of your problems and focus on just taking another step forward. - You’ll appreciate it if you do.


Ryan, I’ve been telling you for months now: PUT YOUR PRICES UP. You have the same complaint every month. It’s not you, it’s the a********s. But you’re basically bending over and lubing up for them. Again: WC down, Prices up.


Now, just get your name changed by deed poll and start again. I can appreciate that this is a bleak time and you feel like the universe is conspiring against you, but you ALWAYS have options. If a Fiverr a******* is affecting your personal life to the point that you’re hitting rock bottom and hitting every jagged point along the way, it’s time to assess your options. You’re a good writer, you can start again. Move to a cheap country packed with women who aren’t going to go weird because they read something about you on the internet and construct a new ID that avoids your mistakes. The only other option you have is an expensive reputation management hire, and that’s not going to completely erase you.

Start again. I mean you don’t even really need to change your name legally. That was more of a figurative statement. The fact that your life has gone to shit (and I do feel for you on that point) over this dumb website is a huge indication that your stubborness in persisting with your course is not working. Life has a tendancy to be unfair, and that’s never more true than when you’re trying to push up on the wrong path. Only you know the right path, but this ain’t it. It’s time to backtrack, consider your options–as right now you appear to feel as if you have lost everything (house, gf etc). You are free. Remember that.

Read some Nietzsche. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Mind you, he ended up screeching at horses, so… I guess he didn’t listen to himself. I do hope it gets better for you Ryan and I promise you it will. Life is a series of peaks and troughs. But you alone can change this by looking at the universe’s subtle and not so subtle messages to you. That is VERY empowering when you realize it for what it is.

You can get to screw with the eejit who has made this happen later on, but right now the priority is you. Got that?


I know you said you’re done, but I’ll pipe back in anyway. I can tell you from experience that “People don’t want to order from somebody who has a gig delivery time of 30 days if they only wish for 2 articles” isn’t true.


I googled your name just now and only saw the rippoffreport which was pretty tame and then had a nice rebuttal from a very happy former client of yours. That’s all I saw and certainly nothing that would destroy you whatsoever. It sounded petty and fake, the things that person said.

It was not anything a women would decide not to date you for.
You made it sound like he had said your were a child predator or something similar, not that you took a long time to do the work which seemed to be the gist of it.

I’m so sorry to hear you lost your house!


The house loss is really bad. I hope Ryan’s got someplace to stay in the midst of all this.


There are about 7-8 reviews on if you look a touch closer. :slight_smile:

It was more the fact that the person who wrote those reviews ended up emailing the clients I listed on my website saying that he had been scammed, many of them ditched me at the time.

I never even worked with the person who wrote the reviews. It is a competitor on this website.


I am sorry to hear this. I am a customer who received a 3 days gig 6 days later for a business plan. Not only it was paid at 50$ but I also provided all my previous info and it should have been a copy paste job but the seller had no communication whatsoever. I have received the content but then the seller had the cheek to say I didn’t pay enough on the 6 th day.
I mean my options are between a rubbish review or asking my money back because the seller marked the gig completed 3 days before submitting my work.

I wish he was honest with me from the beginning as you say I might have understood. The problem is that most people only see their perceptive and not the other party. I think you should Sue the person who ruined your business and ask fiverr to help because, you were left unprotected from the buyer.