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There really needs to be a way to ban buyers from your gig

One person I have made $16.00 off of. He has placed $900 worth of orders. I have earned $16.00.

Why? Well, he keeps ordering the incorrect gig (i.e. ordering the gig with the faster time limit, even though he is giving me an order for the gig which takes longer). I kept offering mutual cancellation. Also; just so you are aware, despite what customer support says, mutual cancellation does still impact sellers.

Eventually, I just let him get on with it, so the orders go very late, he is informed in advance he has ordered the wrong gig and it will be late. 9/10, he cancels the second it goes ‘Very Late’. So, I get the cancellation there too. No, he does not give permission for the negative feedback to be removed, and customer support will not remove it despite the gig being ordered incorrect.

One, he let go right up to the time limit of the other gig, which was fantastic. However, during that time, he tried to contact me through Facebook. I told customer support and I got punished for being so easy to be contacted through Facebook (apparently, I should not be using my real name on Facebook if I use my real name here?). The buyer did not get punished.

I instructed him NEVER to order again, because I have had about 40 cancellations from him for late delivery so far, plus a good few mutual cancellations. I tell customer support this is the case. They say there is nothing to do but offer mutual cancellation.

He still keeps ordering the incorrect gig and cancelling for late delivery. I ALWAYS instruct him that it will not be delivered on time. I ALWAYS offer mutual cancellation which gets declined.

I get more late delivery feedback.

Why can’t we ban people from ordering? I have received 1.7% of what this guy has ordered from me (each of those $900 is a different order, when he cancels, he goes to another seller, no duplicates). Yet, I constantly get punished for:

  • Mutual cancellations (impact level, and it is, apparently, mutual cancellations which caused me to be removed from the search for a while, not late delivery cancellations, this, ultimately, cost me my TRS)
  • Late delivery cancellations: this is, obviously, bad.
  • Contacting me outside of Fiverr, I blocked him, and I got ‘punished’ with an account warning for being so easy to contact away from the site.

    I would never have this issue if he ordered the CORRECT gig to begin with, it would have always been delivered on time, but he orders the INCORRECT gig and he does not get punished, I do. That is unfair.

Do not instruct him that the gig will not be delivered on time, do a cancellation right after he places an order.

And how are you so easily contacted outside of Fiverr? Did you ever give out your contact info to this seller?

And may I ask which gig is this guy ordering?

Well, this is a really horrible experience. I have seen your other posts and feel that the CS has not supported you enough.

Did you try extending the delivery time to 30 days to play with this buyer ?
For others, you can deliver on time but for this one, maybe after 20 days. I’m sure he will be pissed. 8-|
It has the risk of getting a bad review but cancelled orders are leaving negative reviews anyway.

Seems like a simple issue with a simple solution.
Many dating sites have a “Block Sender” command.

The term “blocked” sounds a little harsh…
But “Decline Buyer” might work.

ronasia said: Seems like a simple issue with a simple solution.
I don't think that Fiverr will implement that, even if it's easy to do. Many transactions are made with problematic buyers, just because the order is already placed and the seller doesn't want to cancel or is afraid of doing so. A "decline buyer" button would mean less $$$ for Fiverr.

First of all, I’m truly sorry that you have had this experience, Ryan. No seller should have to go through this at all. Secondly, this is really good information for the rest of us. It helps us be aware and mindful of unscrupulous buyers like you one described. I do hope Customer Service steps up its game in some way to help all of us avoid future situations like this. I will continue to follow this point for updates. Thanks!

This is an outrage! For extreme circumstances like this, that buyer should either be banned or at the very least blocked from you! He’s ruining your fiverr experience, source of income, reputation and sanity and fiverr just looks the other way?

I don’t understand this buyer either, what is he getting out of it? Is he literally just trying to waste your time?

It seems he’s playing a game, may I suggest just deliver something, anything? If he let it completed, great, you get money. If he cancel, then just decline it. You’re getting bad reviews anyway.

Or use custom order. If he can’t simply click a button and still order wrong gig, he’s definitely playing.

I had the same problem with many fake orders, but there is no way for us to block any buyer - so this what happend to me:

I do agree here with the title.

Reply to @sincere18: Mutual cancellations still impact sellers, they don’t hit the %, but are used against you when it comes to your level. Yes, they impact less than late deliveries, but I should not always have to be using mutual cancellations. If I don’t want somebody to order from me, then they should not be able to order. I should not have to go out of my way to stop them.

I am easily contacted because I use my real name on here, so it is not difficult to find me through Facebook.

The gig he is ordering has been turned off now.

Reply to @idesigngraphic: he is expecting me to complete the gig in a far quicker time than quoted. If I complete it for $5.00 in the gig time of the gig he is misordering, he saves $25.00.

Reply to @ryangillam: I’d like an option to ban some users from ordering gigs from me. It seems to be possible to harass a seller by ordering for stuff they don’t want to do and not accept cancellation requests. This can go on until CS gets involved. If not an option to ban them, then at least something to let us choose if we want to “accept” an order.

Reply to @ryangillam: he must be deranged if after all these unsuccessful orders and you explaining repeatedly, he actually thinks he’s gonna get the work done