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There’s so many people from Asia on Fiverr

I see a lot of people from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s very interesting. It’s clear that English isn’t their first language which works in my favour because I’m native in the English language. I’m sure they’re great sellers and very reliable. Most of them are from India I think. Well props to them because they get way more orders than I do.


Due to potential negative repercussions by or for buyers and sellers, the moderation team is taking a more cautious approach to posts with content related to any individual country/region or sellers from any specific country/region.

The above is from the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


I read that the most users of fiverr are from those countries. That was a few years ago.

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It said controversial opinions are ok but hate speech is not. I don’t think I’m being hateful.

Yeah I wonder why that is.

That’s the biggest populated country in the world aside from China for one thing.

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That makes sense now.

Wow, that’s a lot of people.

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I didn’t realize the US was number 3. By far most of my clients come from there. It’s a consumer society. Buying is what we do. I have a substantial number of buyers from India too.

Well. India, Bangladesh etc are also part of Asia. So technically most people here are from Asia.

Yeah that’s true. Asia is the biggest continent in the world so it makes sense.

It is all about the economy of those countries. Comparing to USA and some other European countries, the cost of living is very low, they can use Fiverr as their primary income easily, for that reason lots of people from those countries become sellers on Fiverr


I’m sure that for many in India this represents the only opportunity they may have to earn a good income.

This is true in every country actually. There are huge numbers of people who are cut out of the workforce for any type of job due to various reasons.

I love fiverr for the opportunities it brings to those who wouldn’t be able to work any place else, whether in India, USA, or any other country.

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You should include “Bangladesh” also. Here also a lot of.

Note: I’m from Bangladesh.

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Anyways , I like this concept of FIVERR where we can do business from all over the WORLD .

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Yes I am from Pakistan And A lot of peoples Work on fiverr from Pakistan.

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I am by no means Xenophobic, but in seeking help on Fiverr to promote my Facebook Page and Youtube Channels, everybody who advertises seems to be from Asia. I had a unsuccessful experience with someone from Fiverr last year. After using this person’s services, I suddenly got a brief yet strong influx of likes from people with foreign sounding names. I mention this only because it’s strange I live in America and I’m after an American audience and yet I get quick influx of likes from people likely from another part of the world. I also have no way of knowing if these are all friends of this person or fake accounts.

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