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There seems to be a lot of tools and guages for sellers, but what about for us buyers?

So I’m thinking, just like there are great feedback tools and items for sellers, there doesn’t seem to be any guage or meter/feedback system for buyers.

It would be nice to be able to see if a buyer is a big spender on fiver, or has had a lot of difficulties with other sellers in the past. Almost a feedback system for buyers. Now I’m not sure if that could negatively affect the feedback system for sellers, so maybe instead of feedback there was simply a rating system for how much someone’s spent in the past week/month/year/etc.

something simple, something that sellers do not really even have to do anything with… an automated tracking system. Its a great gauge for buyers to see their spending, and its a good way for selling to focus on the power buyers as well. Maybe they will get a little more VIP service or something.

This is coming from a buyer… not a seller. Just wanted to throw it out there and get your thoughts.

It’s been mentioned in other threads in the past in various ways but honestly I don’t see it ever growing into much of anything. Fiverr is based on impulse buys and anonymity when it comes to someone buying. The less information the buyer has to provide or showcase the more willing they are to spend, and once the money is spent it’s not refundable unless the buyer issues a charge-back which in turn immediately gets their account removed from Fiverr. After an order is placed even upon cancellation the funds returned are only the funds that would be sent to the seller. Fiverr already takes their 20% out. I am all for it, but whether Fiverr will ever implement such a thing I am highly skeptical over.