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There seems to be too much Saturation

Hi. I have been on fiverr since last 5 or 6 months. I have sent more then 600 request so far and only got 1 client from that. I think there are just too many sellers now and new sellers do not get a chance. Improving the gig or following a guide to get order doesn’t seem to help either. Am I right or am I missing some major factor into getting work. ( i am content writer )

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It is true that there are a lot of categories in Fiverr that are saturated. Although Fiverr does try helping new sellers since they do gig rotation. You can actually see sellers with no ratings on the first page sometimes along with sellers with levels and lots of ratings.


This is kind of illogical. The reason why new seller can’t get orders is because of new sellers.

For content writing check Carrie blogger YT tutorials. She has some amazing input for how to work on Fiverr as writer and seems like a nice person.

Thanks. Just subscribed to her channel and will check it out tonight.

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