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There should be a "Confirm Order" button for Seller

As per my experience, I would suggest there should be a “Confirm Order” button for the seller to get started with the order whenever a buyer place the order.

I mostly face, buyer order for a Basic package of your gig while their requirements match to the Premium package.

Even buyer place the order without discussing the project first which mostly lead to the order cancellation hence, Seller suffers.

That’s what I think and I believe more can be suggested on this matter.


You offer them for gig extra.

1 buyer ordered basic for $35 and ask to redesign complete website, how do am I suppose him to offer extra as it comes under my Premium package which is for $550.

When I asked the client to make correction, he said “Sorry, can’t afford it”. So who is suffering from the “Order Cancellation” rate?

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Ok if you did not agree with price cancel from your side. If order cancel from seller’s side it be effect little bit on cancellation rate.

I agree! Serious sellers on this site prioritize and plan their work and an unexpected order is not always welcome.

A ‘confirm order’ button can also gives us the opportunity to clarify the order and perhaps extend it to encompass a better price. Fiverr should welcome the idea to make the whole freelance experience better for sellers. Serious (and honest buyers) won’t mind. Also, the whole issue of cancelling the order due to misunderstandings and buyers ordering ‘by mistake’ can be wiped out.

Why not, Fiverr support?


Wholeheartedly agree.