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There should be a limit to revisions for BUYERS

Although, the essence of unlimited number of revisions for buyers is to ensure that the product comes out right to fit buyers’ requirements, and to ensure 100% satisfaction. However, I think that there should be a limit to the number of revisions to which a buyer can request.

This is because some buyers go ahead to request for revisions at different intervals even after getting what they need in other to frustrate the seller. ,

I am currently working with a buyer who comes back after 2 days to request minor revisions and disappear again and appear back again after 2 days. I think I am losing my mind.

I’d appreciate it if we all can share our views and experiences on this issue.

Thank you!

I’ve set a limited number of revisions from day one and charge extra for any revisions over the allotted amount. It’s out of respect for my time/energy/skills and makes the buyer more aware of the revisions they’re asking for. I don’t ever offer unlimited revisions as I feel it attracts the wrong kind of buyer.

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Okay. I don’t offer unlimited revisions as well. How do you handle such buyer with minor revisions, not willing to offer extra bulks?

I’m not really understanding your question.

My $5 gig comes with two revisions. On the second revision, I send a reminder that this is the last one and any additional revisions will be subject to a fee. That nips about 90% of issues in the bud. If another revision is requested, I send the gig extra for an additional revision.


Yes, this answers my question. At the other hand, how do you handle a buyer not willing to pay for extra revisions?

Hi @jenny_fiver,

When delivering the order, I encourage my buyers to check it, kindly reminding them they’re entitled to “x” amount of revisions in case they feel any modification might be needed.

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:arrow_up: This is a wonderful thing to do… However, there is no stopping the client from clicking on the revision button again without paying any extra money. What then? What if the client has already exceeded the number of free revisions and is refusing to pay up the extra bucks?

From the forum posts of other sellers, I’ve gleaned that contacting CS (when such things happen) doesn’t always help either. It just leads to a lot of unwanted headaches and sometimes, even the need to contact CS about the order or having to cancel the order entirely (or be on the receiving end of a negative review… after all that hard work).

I think something needs to be done about this on Fiverr’s end. As of right now, there is no stopping customers (fraudulent or otherwise) from placing random/multiple orders and canceling them according to their whims and fancies (affecting the seller’s ranking and OC rate) and requesting for unlimited multiple revisions (sometimes also ending up abusing the system and giving the seller a BS rating/review).

'Bout time Fiverr did something about this. :pray:


Thanks for clearing things up. Exactly my question.

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I see where you’re coming from, but I find that open communication about what is included in the order (reminders of # of revisions, how many are left, etc) deter almost all problems. I’ve maybe had to cancel or suffer a bad review on less than 1% of my orders due to revisions. Most clients understand and either take one of the options I provided during the order or pay the fee.

ETA: I am all about adding an actual cap to the revisions. Like if they used up their two revisions, they should NOT be allowed to request an additional one. I don’t understand why this is not a website feature.


My thoughts exactly. The number of revisions you set doesn’t work, a buyer can request for revisions countless times. I personally feel fiverr should address this issue.

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My experience so far,
How we communicate with our buyer is important.
Always ask the potential buyer to contact us before ordering, and from there we can see the buyer behavior. If before ordering buyer ask you strange demmand and ask about the unlimited revisions, it’s better to pass the project.
In fiverr, money comes seconds, satisfacton is no 1 priority.

If we got good buyer and they ask many revisions , they will give us extra tips,
Got Bad Buyer, it’s just your bad luck :frowning:

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

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I agree there must be a way to stop these type of buyers asking for endless revisions. Nevertheless, we also have to agree they aren’t the mayority and we need to learn to walk through theses cases.

In real life, I have to deal with all kind of people, so time teaches you treat them with “soft left hand”. Sometimes, they really need your help and in others, it’s just for nonsense they waste your time.

As we say in Spanish: “some are lime and others, sand”, meaning that situations always include positive and negative aspects alternately - just as mixing materials for mortar.

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