There should be a petition


Kehkishan here
Buyers placing orders without discussing it first. Fiverr should close this option.
how about signing this petition? As buyer place 5$ quotation for 50$ work and there is no way to stop them. I’m receiving direct orders continuously
we should all send the request to CS So they can take any considerable action

Thank you.

Why your seller delivered early

If I go to Tesco, Amazon etc. i don’t want a conversation - I just want to pick it up off the shelf and pay for it.

Some gigs may require a conversation, but not all.


Many buyers do not read descriptions or do not understand them. It can be easy to deal with this situation if you are prepared. The post below is one I wrote to help you deal with buyers who are like this.


I like the conversation element. It’s part of business isn’t it?

I need to know what my buyers want and sometimes this comes from a lengthy conversation.


I’ve got my gigs setup so no conversation or discussion is needed - fewer chances for misunderstandings, modification requests etc.

It’s just the way I like to do it - not all gigs are going to be like that.


@onyourservice1 you created an account and gigs in a marketplace that does its very best to encourage buyers to hit the “BUY NOW” button.

If you find that order after order, people are asking for things you don’t offer, or more than that, you need to seriously reconsider how you positioned your gigs, what you offer, for how much, and maybe your copy as well.

You are in a marketplace that prides itself on getting sh*t done. fast.

so I don’t think they should change the way purchases are made by adding more steps to it.

I think you may need to adapt to how this works.


That will work may be for you but not for some other users. I am with the OP. I also need a barrier of accept or decline the order. As i make videos, I need to read the script first whether its doable or not. There are times I receive tricky scripts so i reject them. and i have written in my gig description that first contact me before placing order but this will work only if they bother reading it which they never does.


Yeah I make videos too.

But when you know the system works against you, honestly what makes more sense?

Finding a way to adapt and thrive, or carrying on and hoping the marketplace will some day change to help you and your service?


yes, the buyer should atleast read the description before placing an order I have mentioned in my gigs to discuss with me before placing an order. Sometimes buyers place the order which is even not aligned with my services (design digital menus? where you see that I can design menus in digital form with triple screen?? ) . Sometimes they place the order with 1-day limit ( like design 50 slides in 24hrs??) So cancellation is the option? That disturb your gig ranking in search engine
If we can unite on this point then CS may take some actions


If I may - I think you need to be much more specific in your gig titles and descriptions.

e.g. ‘I will shoot, create and edit Videos,Audios for you’ - your gig image is indeed three monitor screens. Now, I’d say there’s a huge difference between all the things that could be covered by just the title of your gig, so I’m not surprised that a potential buyer asked you for what they did.

Multiply the potential confusion by up to 20 gigs, and I can see your problem.

You need to reword and re-organise your gigs to make them a bit clearer for buyers I’m afraid.


I remember someone suggested that we add an option of “accepting” or “rejecting” orders - so basically someone places an order, the seller decides to accept or reject it before doing it.
I think it’s alright idea but too much work I assume.


Sure I will do these editings. Good point


How this option can be added?


They can’t - it’s wishful thinking at the moment!


hmmm (20 characters)


That’s why it’s important as @frank_d said, to adapt to how Fiverr works, rather than expecting Fiverr to change to how you’d like it to work.


No offense intended, but your analogy comparing fiverr to a supermarket is absolutely irrelevant and misses the mark completely. You clearly have not experienced what this is like from a sellers point of view who work in businesses that depend on prior discussions and negotiations.

My work as a travel writer and journalist absolutely 100% requires prior discussion before an order is placed. I think that is common sense. Or do you disagree and think I should be able to write about every single place in the world and every single journalistic subject in the world? If so, those expectations are naive and wildly optimistic to say the least, as this is literately impossible lol

I have even put on my profile I do not accept orders without prior discussion first, yet I still get a fair few buyers suddenly ordering things I have no clue about and do not have the knowledge to do:

e.g Reviews of coffee houses in Buenos Aries.

I have never been to Argentina let alone South America and I also make this crystal clear in my profile with a list of places I have traveled too and can write about. How would I write about this? The same goes for my journalism gigs: I am very specific about what I can write about.

Honestly I sometimes think that people that still go ahead and order without prior discussion are rival sellers trying to force negative feedback on me by picking a subject they know I know nothing about and cannot help them with. It would make sense. I have seen it on other market places and it happens more than you’d think.
Unlucky for them I have that disclaimer clearly on my wall that I would hope staff here would accept and back me if there was ever an issue? Can a mod here or member of staff confirm this?

I think saying “it’s important to adapt to how Fiverr works, rather than expecting Fiverr to change to how you’d like it to work” is also quite an arrogant statement to make too. They already take a rather punitive cut of 20%, then Payoneer - which has actually been terrible recently and not even clearing on the day it is supposed to (and when it does it takes days) - takes another cut of your earnings, and the messaging system is frequently poor too: I have lost count of the amount of times I have missed vital messages from clients because the system failed to forward it to my email address. This makes work reliant on mobility (such as travel writing, journalism etc) a real problem at times.
So with all these niggling problems and concessions we give to Fiverr, I think they need to be flexible too and back sellers more and enforce regulations that make trading fairer and securer, rather than a “free for all” environment where there is little protection against the kind of crafty scams I explained above.

Don’t get me wrong; I am eternally grateful for fiverr for giving me an opportunity to pursue my dream of freelance writing, but the original poster has highlighted a real problem that should at least be investigated.

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I agree. Not all gigs require a conversation. If anything, you should maybe have the ability to toggle on a feature per gig that doesn’t allow an order to go through without your approval after reviewing of the information submitted.


Apologies for my irrelevance, oh, and arrogance as well - right you are!

I completely understand that some gigs require discussion - I’ve set mine out so they don’t.

There is no feature at the moment to require a buyer to contact us prior to ordering, so surely we have to work within the bounds of the current system, or we end up having problems, as described by the OP?


I agree with some of what you say regarding the need for discussion first. The reality is that as Fiverr scales up with trying to focus on being “” the need for this will likely increase as a cancellation of a $5 order is an irritant for a buyer, a cancellation of $100 is a disaster for a buyer, especially when they realize that the $100 is now stuck in Fiverr’s system.
At some point I think there will be a solution found but I have not yet heard one good enough that matches the convenience of the order system and the need for discussion without causing an issue.