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There Should Be a Preview of Audio/Video Before Buyer Gets Download Link

So, every once in a blue moon, we’ll have a client that orders a DJ Drop or wants their stems mixed and mastered and for some reason or another, they won’t like the final outcome. We’ll offer to do free modifications, but the buyer is set on just getting a refund. It sucks, but we’ll offer them a refund since it’s usually $5-$10 orders that this happens on. We still feel jipped because the download link is readily available to the buyer once we upload it, so they could easily be lying just to get free work. Very annoying.

The final straw in being angry over this method that Fiverr uses, happened last night when we delivered a commercial (not a spokesperson video, but a real commercial) to a client and their response was “nope. don’t like it. I want a refund”. Now, because so much time and energy went into creating this commercial, especially the quality we gave them which is worth damn more than what they paid for, we feel ripped off as sellers. Could they be lying and try to use the commercial anyways? They could try, but we’ve already warned them about taking legal action if they use it. We never have these problems with local clients because when they preview something, we’re all in the same room together. If they require modifications, we tweak it, have them check out the modded version and once they approve, they get the final product on the media of their choice.

We understand that this is online, but it’d be great if Fiverr could implement a system when where a seller uploads the finished product, it can only be previewed on the buyer’s end until they complete on the order. Once the buyer is satisfied and completes the order, then they’re given the download link. This would be a great way to protect your seller’s and deter a lot of scammers on here from getting free work and wasting seller’s time because if they truly don’t like what’s on the preview and still don’t want modifications, then they can have their refund, but they won’t have the finished product that the seller worked on.


100% Totally agree!!
I delivered a full completed order and gave a Bonus Gig for no extra.
Fiverr’s site duplicated the same order number twice charging the client double, I was asked by the client what they should do? I searched the site for a way they could resolve this as I only delivered to one order but it appeared as delivered on both DUH because they both have the same number, only to told in an email today that I should cease work as a complaint was made, what they failed to state was the client and I agreed the duplicate order number is an obvious site glitch. So now I have lost money as they cancelled not one but both orders and the client has the Gigs!!

Yes let them view first then, if they are happy and click satisfied then should a link to download be visibly active.

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So you should, I decided today buggar it if the site treats its servicing patrons like this I’m withdrawing my funds and seriously considering closing my account. Its disgraceful that there is no mediation from them first, I do a service that is on a private level so businesses like mine draw the short straw when it comes to watermarking as it wouldn’t be something they could use publicly. But what you suggest is only common sense, something one would had thought the sites creator would had considered implementing as a safe guard to the businesses, seems we are just the meat in this sandwich.

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Reply to @psychicthe: Yeah because we’re tired of this type of thing happening and customer service literally does nothing to help. Until this is an implemented feature, we’re going to start watermarking all of our work. Once the buyer is satisfied, then they’ll get all files without the watermark. It will be extra work on our end, but if it’s going to protect us until a preview system is put into place then so be it. Last night was the last straw.

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Reply to @tenthtiermedia: I also noticed they have a 13 day cancellation policy meaning right up till or before the 14th day the client has he right to cancel an order after receiving it completed. Yep put in a button that shows the client is happily satisfied with the work, this way the onus is on them to explain why they decided to be suddenly unsatisfied.

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Reply to @psychicthe: Oh yeah. We’ve dealt with this once before. We did DJ Drops for a guy, he completed the order and then 7 or 8 days later he’s asking for modifications or he was going to request a refund. It was like “what happened between you being happy and satisfied to being angry right now?” Having the preview system would clear all of this up and hopefully change the cancellation policy with it.

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Reply to @tenthtiermedia: Fingers crossed that Fiverr’s powers that be do something to resolve this, its a brilliant suggestion!

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I agree. This happened to me recently. The buyer was stoked with the product that I provided him! Asked for minor modifications, I did that and delivered again but suddenly the buyer didn’t like it anymore even though he mentioned that he loved it! Fiverr really needs to protect its sellers. I am so frustrated I don’t know what to do.

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This topic is 5 years old.

And regarding your post, Fiverr can only protect you if you set up your service in such way that it protects you. You have full control over what you will offer, how will it be executed and at what price.

I think the solution is providing a Work in Progress, not the final delivery. So they know that if they want the Full Quality file, they must accept the delivery. The Work in Progress file can be a lower quality resolution, or an audio file with beeps (as in my case since I work with Music). Then you make the final delivery but the customer knows what to expect.

I’m new to Fiverr so I didn’t know. If you ever have time please do leave some tips on how to protect one’s self. Thank you for your reply! It made me really hopeful! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Open new topic and share what are you offering (what services) and ask how can you protect yourself.

This one will be closed since it is 5 years old. Also if you click on my name you have my topic there with all the instructions regarding Fiverr.