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There should be a "Signup Fee" for new sellers to filter out inexperienced and Non-serious sellers

There should be a “Signup Fee” for new sellers to filter out inexperienced and Non-serious sellers. I can see thousands of new sellers joining every day and most of them are just spam, spamming the buyer request platform, and the overall environment of the platform. If fiverr setup a signup fee, then only the serious and competent sellers will create the gigs and so the buyers will get the best experience from the platform.


And I would also add testing of skills to be mandatory for each GIG.


One of the great things about fiverr is that it’s free for anyone to make gigs. It gives a start to someone who might be extremely talented but otherwise wouldn’t pay to sign up for something.

This site is a unique opportunity and the market filters out the ones who are not up to the task.


Most of the Sellers here, are on Fiverr because of the unique way in which it operates. It is simply different from other platforms.

I agree that there must be some sort of way to control the way in which Sellers are allowed to provide services.

Introducing a signup fee might not be the best way to weed out non-performing or inexperienced sellers. Anyone can pay a signup fee as long as there are potential sales.

I would advocate for a system which investigates the Sellers ability to provide a service. Rigorous exams for sellers done at a 6 month interval would be the way to go.

This way you are sure that the sellers have the credentials to carry out work thus you eliminate inexperienced sellers. The repeat tests at intervals will eliminate those who are non-performing.


I agree with you but that would probably increase operating cost by quite a bit, I would suggest a system which incentives buyers to report underperformance and all sellers reported or sellers with an average rating below 4 stars they would undergo rigorous testing to see if they are still allowed to operate as they currently are.

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This is a free market website. That means that no one decides who gets to stay or has to leave, except for the market.

It works well in capitalist societies and works well on fiverr too.

If you make sales and provide services people want to buy, you get to stay. If not you probably will not be here long.


As much as I like that idea in theory it would shoot Fiverr’s growth in the foot and hurt sellers quite a bit, and make Fiverr viewed as very anti-seller.


Make a bit more sense. Let the Sellers take an initial test, if they do maintain a 4.5 rating they can continue to operate on Fiverr. Should they fall below 4.5 then they are required to undergo testing to continue providing services. Further failure could result in a ban from Fiverr.

But the flaw is that, Sellers here on Fiverr tend to buy ratings. You should read some posts on social media you would be shocked!!!

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So you guys are suggesting an overlord checks and makes decisions about who gets to be here.

That’s not how business works. Business 101 >>> open your shop and see if people want to buy what you are selling.

It’s simple and it works.


When someone wants to open a store do you think there is someone who says to them let me TEST you first to see if you are worthy to open a store?

I’m surprised that people here don’t have an understanding of how markets work. This is not rocket science.

Are you in a place where it’s normal to have an overseer who gets to decide who sells and who doesn’t?

If people are bad sellers people stop buying from them.

Maybe those who don’t have a sense of how a free market works should be disallowed. It’s basic knowledge or so I thought.


I get where your coming from, but as a business Fiverr needs to get and maintain new buyers and by not reviewing sellers that are seen to be doing things that would be anti competitive like buying reviews which results in new buyers having poor experiences and leaving the platform.

We are not saying some people must not be here. We are simply pointing out that the direction of the market place has shifted since Fiverr first started out.

At present the marketplace is overcrowded and there is need to address issues of quality and under performance.

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Bad idea. There are people in America who open shops and no one ever buys from them and they close down. They don’t stick around. Don’t you get it?

There might be ten million sellers here who never get sales but so what? It has no affect on my sales or me.

I see thousands of sellers in my category who opened up shop years ago and never got any sales. Does it affect me? Not at all. Does it hurt my sales? Not at all.

I see the views expressed here as very uneducated to be honest. There is just a lack of a basic understanding of how business works.


But a gig in Fiverr isn’t a shop, there aren’t operating cost, there aren’t upkeep cost, and a seller can continue to operate indefinitely, also if a seller pays someone to buy their service and give them 5 stars, an innocent buyer would assume that that seller is providing a high quality service and even though they would probably give the seller a one star review, who knows how much money that seller made, for all we know that buyer could have paid hundreds while the price for that review was probably in one or 2 digits.

Are the sellers here expressing these views somehow threatened by other sellers? What is driving this?

You got in without taking any tests so why can’t others have the same advantage you got?

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We totally agree, businesses do stop operating because of bad reviews. There are challenges when a marketplace is over crowded and sellers start to adopt guerrilla strategies to maintain sales.

Prices will be forced to go down and in response sellers will provide services that are substandard.

If Fiverr was a monopoly they could afford to have a platform where they rely sorely reviews but they are not a monopoly, and Fiverr also wants to make a profit.

Imagine what would happen if buyers start to sense they are getting substandard services on Fiverr?

That already happens to some buyers and they find other sellers or get a refund.

If you get a bad haircut do you stop getting haircuts? No you go down the street to someone else.

I’m advocating for my solution because there are buyers that will get turned off the platform because of bad sellers and there are likely plenty of legit sellers that might never get a job because of the bad sellers.The bad seller problem may not be able to be completely fixed but the instances of it can be curbed.

But there are millions of sellers they can choose from if they have a bad experience.

Go to a store and buy something you don’t like? Go to another store. Go to another seller.

Or they could go to one of Fiverr’s competiors which make sellers pay for being on the platform and are patrolled by much stricter watchdogs then what we are proposing.

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