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There should be an avenue to discuss one -on-one with Fiverr officials

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. I think there should be an avenue to discuss with Fiverr officials about our welfare as sellers.
If you’re an old seller like myself, you would notice some strange activities going on for awhile now. “Old sellers get deranked and forgotten in the hole”. It’s so disheartening and worrisome.
This situation is getting even worse and nothing is being done even when you call Fiverr’s attention.

I’m beginning to worry about the future if anyone can just launch an account and get ahead of sellers who have served over the years. I do not know if anyone is having the same thought, but seriously something drastic has to be done to assure old sellers of a better future on Fiverr.

Any seller has to have equal opportunity. But that does mean for all not for only a certain type.

Sadly it seems to me that Fiverr (and all the other freelance sites I am on) are more interested in serving and supporting a certain type of buyer & seller. And these are the complete opposite of the kinds of people who will lead to a solid and growing platform/world.

Just look at that horrifyingly offensive Fiverr advert on TV & YouTube. It is saying that it is ok to be a totally incompetent buyer and that all freelancers are freaks who need to be kept locked away. Note how they make asking for a Brief (a clear idea of what needs doing) an uncool loser thing, yet being a poor excuse for a human being who looks down on people who do things you are too lazy to understand is good. They train people to be these roles because it makes faster, easier money - who cares about any damage done. They just want it to seem easy. Burning freelancers doesn’t bother them seeing there are more lined up.

The problem is that this mindset is so pervasive that it is really hard to find any client anywhere not tainted with this. A lawyer I work for in the real world has conveniently not noticed that a sloppy mistake (or three) on his part has led to me doing 4-5 hours extra work with no offer to check if I need something for the extra hour of content he sent after the quote, then the fixes for his brief being wrong, and a few other errors. He is quick to be judgy over others’ failings but happy to treat me as a non-person when it saves him $100.

This is the world we let happen because we didn’t fight harder earlier when the social engineers started with their slide from a Meritocracy into a Stupidocracy



And yet they want to attract skilled sellers and lose their reputation for shoddy work from unprofessional people…

Makes no sense. They want it both ways but of course they can’t.