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There should be an option in order cancellation the buyer is a scam

I am facing a challenge that I sent an offer to a buyer on their buyer request and they did not included the budget so I sent the an offer for $5 as it is the least amount and specified in my request that please contact me before submitting your order but the buyer did not follow and placed his order when I ask him why he did not contact me before submitting the order he did not answer my question and continue the conversation he was asking for 10,000 audio clips and when I asked him for the budget he said you send me the request for five dollars and now you have to complete your task in just five dollars and then I asked them to extend the price and the delivery time and he declined and then I started working on his project and I sent him some login credentials and some files but he did not accept and after that I have placed the request to cancel the order my concern is that in that case fiverr should allow the authority to the sellers that there should be an option when cancelling the order that buyer is a scam we can choose the reason and the completion rate should not go down due to this option please shere what are your thoughts on this thank you


The buyer is NOT scamming you. YOU offered to do the work for him for only $5. You sent him a custom offer for this price, and he accepted. You are legally bound, therefore, to either complete the work offer that you sent him and he accepted, or cancel the order.

The buyer did nothing wrong. He saw an opportunity that YOU gave him, and he accepted.

Do the work, or offer to cancel the order.

And yes, if you cancel, the cancellation will rightfully affect your account.

Next time, don’t send offers for prices you don’t plan to honor.


Most of the buyers want to take advantage of the sellers so everytimes you bid on the request, do remember to bid a specific pricing! What you wrote about contacting me before he place the order, this will gives the cheapskate buyer has the opportunity to take advantage of you!

It’s really also hard to bid with specific amount on illustrations request, the buyer didn’t specify or attach a image of a style he likes, pricing will be hard to decide so I always bid with at least 250$ and write PRICING will depending on the complexity of the drawing you prefer!

For me, I set a specific pricing if a customer offer me under than 20$ I would NOT interested in taking his/her orders, if it’s at least $20 or above and the work buyer demand is reasonable, I will say YES! I accept to take the order! Otherwise, if a customer demand much works with fairly low budget. I strongly refused because they take you as a SLAVE.

*Don’t be underestimated and work for those UNFAIR buyer! Never EVER! It’s slapping your own face working on high quality work with low money earned! BE FIRM on what you offer and your budget! If you’re afraid of scare away the buyer by your high pricing, just tell the buyer to offer his/her budget amount and see if you accept it or not!

I often get annoyed by buyer who ask me “How much?” I mean it states clearly in gig pricing package and they still ask for cheaper price, if you think it’s too high! Why don’t you just tell me your comfortable pricing? Need me to answer ONE MORE TIME AGAIN! You can just be more straightforward, say your pricing DIRECTLY! I’ll reply with Accept or don’t accept! So I’m always confused about some types of buyers!

You know! Stand firm on your ground and Take it or leave it!


Sending an offer is similar to confirming your intention to work for that price. If you want to negotiate beforehand do not send an offer yet.


Did the buyer mention in their request that 10,000 audio clips would be required, or did they just give a vague figure?

If it’s a vague buyer request, please don’t respond to it. Once you’ve submitted your offer, the buyer can hold you to it - quite rightly.

However, if the request was for say 10 audio clips, and when accepted it suddenly rose to 10,000 then you’ve got every right to go to CS and report the matter.


Thank You for sharing your wisdom
As I have specified in the offer to contact me first before submitting your order order
After reading all the above description you can see his role if he is right person and not a scam person he will definitely have answered my questions as a human he cannot say to work for him for 20 days in $5 or he will write a bad review or report to Fiverr if I cancel the order it is effecting my completion rate and all the Seller face this issue and buyer have more rights to take advantage of every situation
We must have some rights so we can secure and maintain our business on Fiverr as we do all the hard work and pay the taxes but we have less authority then buyer

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You have to be clear in your custom offer. Example,

“Hi, I will give you 5 brand names without domains for $10, 3 day delivery.” If the buyer doesn’t like that offer, he can reply and tell me he needs domains. Then I send him a custom offer for $20.

Also, in the buyers request section, you don’t always have to bid within the clients’ budget. They might want you to do it for $5, you can bid at $10, $20, etc. If their budget is $50 and your gig offers to do that job for $20, bid at $20 or under your gig’s prices.

We’re all eager to get orders, but that’s not an excuse to do a bait and switch.


This is false and misleading. I highly doubt that “most buyers” have malicious intent. There are a few bad apples, sure, but only a few, and hardly a majority of all buyers. Please do not make sweeping generalizations just for the sake of supporting your claims.

Again, another false generalization… and extremely insulting to buyers. Please do not insinuate that buyers who seek work for less than $20 are trying to “turn sellers into slaves”. This is completely untrue, and a horrible claim to make.

Again, please stop insulting buyers. Buyers are NOT morons just because they want to find as much good work as they can get for the lowest possible price.


Except YOU offered to work for him for $5. Why would he need to contact you first, if you’re already offering to do what he has asked for for only $5? The buyer did nothing wrong. You offered him a great deal, and he accepted. That’s how the Buyers Request section works.

Did he mention the audio amount in the buyer request first? If not, it’s NOT your fault because he wasn’t specify the amount of workload needed to be finished. I always write, The pricing would depend on the complexity of the design or hand drawing. Because if a buyer ask for a complicated and very detailed drawing and he offer me $30, that’s not fair or worth my times.

I will continue to speak the truth wherever it is needed.

Here you go again, making false generalizations and assumptions. At no time did I make any comments about luxury or poverty. In addition, the coffee industry has nothing to do with this topic.

I quoted exactly what you said, nothing more, nothing less. You called buyers morons who are trying to take advantage of sellers and turn them into slaves. I found those comments to be deeply insulting. There is not need for you to insult other people just to make a point.

No. I do not respond to demands.

Wow. Slaves and human rights?.. I think you need to to take a break from this conversation. You’ve taken it way beyond appropriate levels. And no, I don’t find this funny. Your “Lol” does not make your comments less rude.

Mod Note: The person you responded to has deleted the post you responded to. You have broken no rules by responding so you can leave your comment as-is if you wish with the quotes intact, or you can delete or edit. This note is just here so that others aren’t confused about the quotes.

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Thank You again you can do some research for it that buyers have more rights than sellers

Also it is a fact that buyers do scam and bound the Seller and misuse their rights we should must have rights to overcome such type of situations

You CAN overcome these situations… by not letting yourself be scammed. You have the right to cancel an order if it looks like you are being taken advantage of. The only person making you “bound to scammers”, is you. Learn how to say no.

I read your other thread too, (and I’m not being buddy-buddy with Jon or anything, it’s not that I agree with eeeeeverything he is says. ) but I think you might want to calm down a bit.
I get the impression you get heated up very quickly, and there is no need to use bad language. Just saying.

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If we cancel the order it hurts the order completion rate does it have any effect on the buyer as we do hard work and not get paid everything we face the buyer jumps in and scam the seller and get his money back also their is no feature that shows us order cancellation rate of the buyer or the reviews from other sellers so we can verify before sending them the offer

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We must need more security as a seller

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Yep! If a new feature shows the buyer’s cancel rate, this would be a newly invent great feature! Great job you mention it. Maybe there should be a buyer’s rating like another platform as well. :grin::laughing:

I don’t think Fiverr wants to be like other platforms. I just don’t see them changing the features and formats that make them the unique, profitable, and highly successful freelance site that they are right now.

He is a pro. His brand name gig has 9 orders in queue with a 7 day delivery, and high prices ($10, $50, $100).

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