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There Should be Custom Gig Title For Custom Offers

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Hope you all are doing great :slight_smile:

I’m glad to share a suggestion over here and want to hear what you guys think about it.

I have had a bad experience regarding a custom order. A buyer contacted me and agreed on a price. (The work was a little different than the normal gig). After getting the delivery, he asked me to do work as per my gig title that I selected while sending the offer. Because the gig title remains original in custom offer. He sends me a screenshot of the custom offer and highlighted the title, and he said “I Purchased this” and he was right

I was left with two options either do the hassle of extra work or cancel the order. I chose to do extra work to avoid the cancellation and in the end, he left a 3-star review.

All I want to suggest,
1. There should be an option to edit the gig title while sending the custom offer. or
2. The gig title automatically disappears after sending a custom offer. or
3. The text in the section “Describe your offer” automatically turns into the title of the offer.

Thanks, :innocent: Drop the comment “Agree” if you are.
Please share your experience and suggestion. I’ll love to hear how much I’m right or wrong.


Some time it could be totally different.
For the solution I have a gig that has very generic title that covers all that I can do.


can you explain us more? what type of tittle you have?

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It’s not suitable for all niche and and also I don’t want it to be common.

You can create a gig for custom projects. For example: “I will work on the custom project we discussed”. Put a very high basic price on it, so that people don’t order it by mistake, and then use it for every project that doesn’t fit into your regular gigs.


You can also pause that gig, so that nobody orders it “by accident” or because they are curious and know they can cancel anyway then or something. The only issue is that when you unpause it to send an offer for it, you might need to go via Contacts > Send Offer because - at least for me - newly unpaused gigs don’t show as an option from the message box for a while.

But a way to directly turn the custom offer into a real custom offer that doesn’t reflect anything from the “direct-order gig” as suggested would be better, the other solution is a bit workaround-y and iffy - in case someone orders that gig without talking to you first and then discovers you can’t do what they want you to do, you’ll have a cancellation.


I have had a similar situation recently where someone wanted to get something I used to do but currently do not have a gig for and I felt like I couldn’t use one of my current gigs to send a custom offer for that.


I agree 100% There should be something like that


ok. as you wish. anyway, thanks.

I had wondered on this and that is a good plan

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I also opened a ticket for this, Check next comment

yeah! absolutely… :grinning: :grinning: