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There Should Be Option to restrict buyer to communicate before placing the order

Due to some reason i don’t want to put packages because every project price can’t be same.
i always give price to buyer after getting there requirements
there should be way to restrict buyer much communicate with seller before placing the order


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@inzamamabbasi use custom Offer.

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I do have this same problem, some client will just come and place a basic order, mean while they will provide a requirement that would have cost a premium package .
So currently there is not such functionality on fiverr, but you can find a way around it by adding a line at the first paragraph of your gig description, emphasize that you are contacted before placing order so to get the knowledge of how you can handle their job.

Then use the custom offer functions.


@graphicsdunia yes, but some time buyers place 5$ order without any discussion although i mention this to my gig description, after all long discussion we need to cancel the order and that increase our cancellation rate


I think this is a terrible idea, because the more demands that you make of a buyer, the less likely they are to want to purchase from you. Make your services available on your gig page, lay out exactly what you offer, and the prices those services cost, and then let the buyers decide for themselves what they need. Packages are great for this because everything is right there for the buyers to see. And, you can make those packages highly customizable with plenty of optional add-ons either at the time of purchase, or via upselling during the course of the order.

In my years of experience as a veteran seller here on Fiverr, most buyers don’t want to have lengthy conversations before getting started with a seller. Sure, some buyers may have pre-order questions about the services offered, but most of them want to get started right away.

If you force buyers to contact you just so that you can send them a custom order, you’re making the order about you (and what YOU can get out of the order), and not them. Freelance work, especially here on Fiverr, should always be about the buyer, not about you.

Describe your services in your gig, let the buyer make their own choices, let them place their own orders, and allow the process to be as easy and customizable as possible. You’re probably going to make more sales that way too.


exactly… there should be a way to restrict buyer to place basic order without discuss the project
this a way to reduce the cancellation rate


I am a web designer and developer and in my case the every project price can’t be same. price of project depend on requirements and every user has there own requirements

Also i am not asking to put this for every one permanently, at-least there should a option in seller dashboard to enable that if they want to


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Ask for buyer requirements when they place an order. You can write automatic questions that are presented every time a buyer places an order. List your services, post the prices, and let the buyer decide what they need. When they place an order, they will need to answer your order questions before the order starts. This is how Fiverr is designed to work.

Again, forcing them to contact you, just so you can send them a custom order, makes the process all about you – not them. Let them have control over what they need. If you list everything in your gig, they will have plenty of opportunities to pursue varied prices.

Again, no. And I’ve already explained why this is a terrible idea.

It sounds a lot like you are trying to make Fiverr function in ways it was not designed to function. And that only serves to limit your potential success as a seller on this site.


I get your opinion and also this of the nay-sayers. I agree with you, because way to often I do something for $5 while it should be more. For example they want a fast delivery, wich is an extra, but they don’t order the extra… now I have to deliver fast because I don’t want a bad review :thinking::thinking: or a cancelation.

But then again. Every sales leads to more sales. Better ranking, more views of my page, Buyers that come buy again etc.

So it’s a hard thing to tackle I guess