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There should be option to upload sample files for buyer before they order a gig


Fiver does not have the option to upload a sample file like excel, doc, or JPEG so that buyers can see a sample work report before they order. I think this will solve many after sale issues.

And what do you think if there is an agreement between seller and buyer.

Means an agreement not to leave bad review if the buyer agree after seeing the sample work report.

This is because many competitor sellers purchase other’s gig and leave bad review and fiverr just can’t do anything.

again there should be favor for sellers protections also…


Hi there, I actually agree that the sample options can be a bit limited for managing people’s expectations.

I don’t think a contract is necessary, and i’m not sure about competitor sabotage… But providing one or two pieces of work is actually better than providing an example of every piece of work you have ever produced.

Live portfolio if all well and good (I don’t personally use it), but it would be nice to have a couple other options (like uploading 2 or 3 hand picked videos/documents), it won’t stop the negative feedback problem but it will at least give more detail to customers.


How do you activate Live Portfolio? I can’t find it anywhere.


Reply to @madmoo: Which format ‘Live protfolio’ will appear? Im sending (delivered) my work in HTML (landing page) and then zip it. Will this kind of format will appear?. Till now, there’s no ‘Live Portfolio’ appear on my feedback


I haven’t used LP yet, but what I do is provide a demo by hosting the files on my website. That way I give the buyers the option of ordering only if they are satisfied with the demo. This has helped me avoid negative feedback as the buyer has an idea of what the final product would look like.