There Should Be Ratings For Buyers Too!


I don’t know if someone has touched on this before but I’ve been thinking, shouldn’t buyers also have ratings like us sellers? Think about it, when you work with a buyer, they rate you based on their experience and the work you deliver. Shouldn’t we be able to do the same? By this I mean, when we reply their ratings, it should show on their accounts. There are A LOT of buyers out there with attitude problems and I’m sure you might have come across a couple. So if we had a rating system that allows sellers’ ratings to reflect on the buyers’ account, before going into business with them, we would be alert and fully aware of what to expect due to other sellers’ experience with them. It prevents sellers from getting into disputes with troublesome buyers because if history has taught us anything, Customer Support will always stand by the buyers when it comes down to settling disputes. There’s too much buyer protection at the regardless of the reputation and hard work of sellers.

Just saying though…


This has been discussed many times. If you type “ratings for buyers” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the topic which you may find interesting.


I’m curious how it would help being aware of what to expect from a troublesome buyer - would it change the way you treat or talk to the buyer? What would sellers do when they encounter buyers with bad ratings?

It won’t prevent disputes - if the buyer is stubborn and wants to order, they will order no matter what you say.

Not to mention bad sellers who genuinely scam buyers: the buyers will leave bad ratings when they are lied or cheated, and their sellers will automatically leave bad ratings as revenge - HOW would you know if those bad ratings of a buyer are genuine and not revenge-ratings from bad sellers?


It’s pretty tricky with a site like fiverr since the review for the buyer is only in regards to experiences with orders placed. On another platform I used to be on the ratings for buyers were visible which came in handy due to the fact that there were some that had a habit of requesting work but would never check in even when shown to be online plus some didn’t pay like they should. Aside from that site there’s another that I work on where views of buyers are visible but those aren’t good measures for the type of buyer you’ll potentially work for.

As an example, there was this one buyer that got a lot of bad reviews because workers were complaining about how difficult they were to work with. I was hesitant to work with said buyer at first but seeing that their requested job was on a topic I knew well I went ahead accepted the task. End result? Aced the assignment and earned a repeat buyer.

I think one of the top concerns for sellers is seeing if the buyer has a long list of cancellations behind them along with the reasons for said cancellations.


its a :slightly_smiling_face:quiet good disscusion