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There should be refrell as well


there be should be ref rel …users may ask their existing seller to recommend any person which they mean they are best


guys please think about it… its workable…we guys may ned publicity and refrell will get money for this


have your say :-S


It does seem like a referral system within Fiverr between fiverr users would be a valid idea for consideration.


You could tell your customers that you would offer them a certain discount off of their next order if they refer you someone who actually places an order.


That does seem like a good idea if there are sellers that know each other, but safwan made a good point. How many sellers really do know each other? I hope sellers would not feel pressured to recommend someone that only seems to have good services without them first having previous experience with ordering from that seller or seeing their work.


could be a good idea, but do sellers know each other on here ? if a buyer asks for a referral what if the seller does not know who to recommend. and if they do recommend someone to buyer and that seller does not perform it could jeopardize the original sellers reputation, rankings, and he also may lose a customer.

for this reason I would not refer my clients to anyone because you never know how the other seller is.