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There should definitely be more than 3 photos on our gig

If it’s our first project on Fiverr, we don’t have a Live Portfolio available to us to show recent work.

If we do have a few projects, our clients don’t always want us to share their work. At least, not in its entirety.

Basically, it seems bonkers to me that we can only upload 3 images. How can you show the range of services or quality of your work in 3 images.

I’d like to suggest something wild here…5 images! Possibly more! I think more images equals more sales, equals more money for Fiverr. Seems straightforward to me.


You can have 100 or even 1000 photos on your GIG. Just add them as 2 PDF files.

Great artists can show their skills in just one image. Three is just pushing it.


Many thanks for the tip. Seems very interesting for me :smiley:

That’s fair about the PDFs, would just be handy to have the option of a few extra images.

I personally feel it takes more than one image to show off a range of skills on a platform like Fiverr. I would rather hire someone who can show me a variety of their website designs than just one single site.

Create a video displaying various work.

If he knows how to take a snapshot of his webpage, he should also be skilled in combining them in one PDF and upload it to Fiverr.