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There should have options for sellers to accept/reject order

Hi all, I got an order that wasn’t an easy task to complete. The buyer ordered at a minimum price. But it wasn’t a job of $5. It took approximately 6 hours to complete. I must not accept the order if I had the chance. But I had nothing to do as there is no option for a seller to accept or decline an order when it arrives. If I had canceled the order my completion rate would decrease that is not desirable at all.
I continued to update the project until the buyer became fully pleased. I could comfort my mind if I got a nice feedback, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. I got 4 * that made my positive rating 99%.

There should have options for sellers to accept/reject an order.

Without any doubt I voted for yes:

Thanks for reading


You’re complaining because a buyer gave you a 4-star review (which is a great review by the way!), and that dropped your overall rating from 100% to 99%? Seriously?

Seriously? :roll_eyes:


So, you strive to be :100:% like forever, right? Anything less is not good enough. Take a look at eBay sellers most are below :100:% but meeting eBay’s threshold. The sales they are getting are through the roof. I’m sure they’re not grumbling about being a few percent off.


HI jonbaas, thanks for your answer. Does this sound like complaining? I don’t think so. 5r has given me the right to express my opinion. I wish I could show you the project details! But it’s not possible. I’m struggling hard as a new seller and so dropping down overall rating from 100% to 99% (Seriously!!!) :slight_smile: is of course disappointing.

Thank you again

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I agree with you, @thevedas26!


It’s okay,
But if there was the option this mustn’t happen. I had no scope for negotiation.

Thanks for your answer.

I agree with you again, Jonbaas. So many people here on Fiverr think that anything less than 100% all the time is bad. I don’t get it. It’s like when people complain about the 4.8 :star2: average. Yes, it can be annoying if you get no clients, but it really shouldn’t be THAT big of an issue.

And we have a right to make fun of that opinion if it sounds dumb. Freedom of speech is a two way street


You don’t get to “negotiate” reviews. The buyers have as much of a “right to express [their] opinion” as you do. Remember, freedom of speech is a two way street.

Before receiving an automatic order, not for reviews. Of course, everyone has a right to make fun of that opinion that sounds dumb to themselves :slight_smile: , not for all.

Thank you

If you don’t like an order you received you can:

  • Ask the client for more money if you think the work is not worth 5$

  • Negotiate down the workload

  • Cancel the order

You have options. If you want the ability to decline orders as you get them, there are other sites you can go on, and one begins with a U.


The option of Accepting or Rejecting an order is not available because I’d imagine. It’s not something Fiverr will ever entertain. Otherwise, they would’ve introduced this feature a long time ago. Fiverr is an open market where buyers do not need to contact you first or giving sellers’ option to accept or reject orders. Use your customer service skills - Upsell to negotiate. Stand your ground, don’t allow buyers to take the wheel. Your Fiverr business is your ship :passenger_ship: and learn how to work with the tools that are provided. If the negotiation goes south then you have options. As for the poll, I remember voting NO and will do so again if there was another poll today.


First two options are okay, that I tried. But you know cancellation of an order badly effects overall rating especially for a new seller. That’s why I spent approximately 6 hours to earn $5.Why are you suggesting me other sites? Fiverr is an amazing place.

This is why I have always promoted all freelancers who work in the customer service industry before freelancing.

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I have canceled orders before, but here I am. Still existing, still making a living. As long as you don’t do it often, you’re fine. But since you seem to be fretting over a 99%, I would not be shocked that you might be a little too anxious in other areas too.

I would have cancelled that order as soon as I got it.

You have explained nicely.

These are the text I look for.
Inspiring very inspiring.
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Hey, Lucy!

Heads-up I’d remove the linkage before another user comes along and flags it. But, I’ll definitely read it! :slightly_smiling_face: This is an essential skill to have no doubt! I’ve been in CS for years, even as a kid with my mini lemonade stand empire. A smile, a thank you and come again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got it! It has been edited out :slight_smile:


Never ever accept an unfair customer order.

Be polite ask appropriate money with reasonable explanations, if they does not understand go for cancellation.

Do not worry about cancellation ratings.

Completing 2 new orders is a better option rather than, wasting 6 hours on a bad order just to avoid cancellation and probably get a bad mood and a lower rating bundled with unhappy customer.

Cancellations saves your time arguing, gives you more time completing other order, does not force you to deliver bad quality work due to low pay.
And customer is not angry on you, as he got full refund and not a bad quality work after spending all his budget.

If I have to do a cancellation, I do it straight forward with no worry of ratings and in next order I accept a little negotiation if I see it not converting into a deal.
Saves me time and headache, maintains the work quality and set-off the cancellation harm.


Got it, I’ll remember.

Thank you