There was only 1 buyer request


Hi everyone,

I always check buyer request when I’m online and I’ve just seen only 1 or 2 buyer requests a time. Is it just me who got this problem or nowadays buyers don’t usually post requests?


Not posting requests because of New Year 2k18
Happy New Year


Haha, happy new year :tada: wish you have more and more orders in 2018 ^^
P/s: but there were only 1 or 2 requests for a month TT,.TT And 2018 is here, I want to have more orders, too…




your working category


Oh my gosh!! I just love your profile picture! That is such a cute drawing! :grinning:

I :heart: your gig for future use!!


My category is illustration, and it was used to have many buyer requests. (Yeah, there’re 10 buyer requests today :astonished: )


Ohhhh, thanks for your kind words! You made my day <3 Happy new year!!


business is down so very few jobs right now hope will be back to normal after holidays :slight_smile:


Yeah! Yesterday I did think it was a bug, but today there’re more requests so maybe it’s just because of Holidays :smiley:


Great to hear that Best of luck :slight_smile: Happy new Year


Happy new year! :tada: